Former teacher sentenced on sex charge

Judge hands down 30-month sentence
Tom Jackson
Jun 10, 2014

Former EHOVE teacher Michael Edwards was sentenced to 30 months in prison Tuesday on three counts of felony sexual battery with a student who was 16 years old at the time.

Common Pleas judge Beverley McGookey handed down the sentence despite pleas for probation from Edwards' attorney. The judge said the sentence was comparable to similar sentences in the area.

Edwards, 48, had sex with the girl numerous times, prosecutors said. The victim testified at Tuesday's sentencing and requested a prison sentence.




Two and a half years in prison. Wonder if he'll serve all of it.


Probably not he's a model citizen


Definitely NOT, he's a white boy!


Judging others by race means something about that person..... Oh yeah, wanna guess what it means?


I'm not judging him just stating the truth about our justice system.

Bottom Line

We all know deertracker is a hypocritical, double-standard racist. Nothing to see here.


Deertracker is right; just look at the stats. Of course you know that.

Julie R.

Since when do judges in Erie County follow the Rules for Professional Conduct by handing down sentences comparable to similar sentences in the area? Is that statement supposed to be a joke?


Please expand on your statement, Julie.


Please don't encourage Julie to say anything


Right! Just let her spew and ignore it!

Julie R.

As I'm sure you know, I've "expanded" on the joke Erie County courts and other county public officials many times over. A former auditor that allowed my elderly incompetent mother's Huron attorneys to work in collusion with a snake Lorain County attorney to fraudulently transfer her half to her house in Huron on a forged POA concealed in the Lorain County Recorder, a former recorder that allowed attorneys to remove permanent records to property out of the recorder's office in an attempt to conceal the fact that the property was not owned jointly (didn't work), a probate court that gave a Huron insurance agent and the manager of a Huron bank two years after my mother's death to get what was left of criminally changed contracts out her name before the snake Lorain County attorney filed that joke forged Will prepared by her Huron attorneys, and then the scam sheriff sale of my deceased mother & stepfather's property that the court of Binette pulled off.

* Now take note this all took place AFTER the Krista Harris case.


Bahahahahaha ! That one marble you have bouncing off the inside of your skull has to be annoying as he!! Just like your rant that you cut and paste in nearly every article ! FYI....this just in ! NOBODY CARES !


You would care if it happened to you!


I would move forward and enjoy my life unlike you two nut jobs !

Julie R.

Those attorneys & those other trouble making d-bags from Huron sure WERE nut jobs. Had I not seen it for myself I never would have believed it. Same with your nut job Erie County courts. Had I not seen that for myself I never would have believed it, either.


Look in the mirror....The Nut Job will be looking directly at you :P If what you say is true...they got away with it and left you to b!tch and moan on the SR blogs....Seek help before you waste your entire life lamenting over something you can't control or do anything about.


"The victim testified at Tuesday's sentencing and requested a prison sentence."

What exactly does this mean? Didn't the original story indicate that the student was a willing participant and her fellow students started a "Support the Perv Chefy' Facebook page? Did she suddenly have a change of heart and realize what the purpose and meaning of the act is intended for? Or maybe she now understands that an ADULT who was in a position of authority took advantage of her?

Personally, I think the sentence is too light for the crime. He not only raped this kid (forget the technicalities it was RAPE) he also raped the school system and ALL the parents who are trying to raise their children in the correct and somewhat moral manor. The girls parents should be allowed to settle the payment once and for all!


Yes, the sentence is too light for the crime, but it is in line with the sentences handed out by Judges Tone and Binette for these types of crimes. IMO, Erie County does not take sex crimes against children very seriously, especially when the predator is employed by the government. Call it "professional courtesy".

Also, glad to see the victim made a statement and that she asked for prison time.

Steve P

Are you allowed on the web Ellesbeth?

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The Hero Zone

Dang Babo...I sat back in my chair and almost whistled at the zinger you put out there. Unless I'm missing some context that seems really harsh about the "professional courtesy". You usually have some insightful things to say about the law especially locally but this one made me feel a bit uncomfortable.


I'm with you on this one!


The term "professional courtesy" was used mostly by medical doctors to refer to the break given on price (oftentimes free) for professional services provided to other doctors and their families.

I applied the phrase to explain the long history of reduced sentences and sometimes special consideration such as no prosecution i.e. "free", given to government employees such as teachers, police officers, commissioners, prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges and their families, and other members of the political class on sex, theft, and or drug crimes.

Many examples support the analogy.


Was the student blind???

Bottom Line

Well put!


I'm happy the victim testified , it will in time, help her see that she was seduced by a man that definitely abused his authority , she will be stronger now that she has faced him in court.


If the tables were turned and this was a female teacher "raping" a male student she would get probation. Fact.


Its a shame. I knew "Chefy" and am horrified to hear about this and its unfortunate he fell in to this. Sucks.

Julie R.

How much time did Donald Binette get after being indicted for molesting two girls ~ one 13 and the other 10 years old ~ on two different occassions? I seem to recall all the Erie County judges recused themselves from that case and they brought in a rent-a-judge. Did he get a 30 month sentence?


A rent a judge really. And they recused themselves because they had to - (bangs head against wall every time you speak)