Women sentenced for car wash robbery

Two Sandusky women involved in a January 2013 shooting at a West Perkins Avenue car wash were sentenced this week for their roles in the incident.
Courtney Astolfi
Apr 12, 2014


Theresa Purcell, 27, will serve five years in prison, while Laura Purcell, 24, will serve six months in a community-based corrections facility, Erie County prosecutor Kevin Baxter said.

On Jan. 16, 2013, Marcus Campbell, 26, fired three rounds at Bartt Carruthers at a self-serve car wash, in what investigators later learned was a robbery attempt gone wrong.

Carruthers’ stepdaughter, Katie Wilson, 26, had lured Carruthers there under the pretense of selling him Xanax. After Carruthersrefused to fork over his money, Campbell fired, with one bullet narrowly missing Carruthers’ heart.

Laura Purcell was a passenger in the vehicle Campbell and Wilson drove to the car wash. Theresa Purcell helped orchestrate the robbery attempt, police said.

Theresa pleaded guilty to one count of complicity to commit aggravated robbery in August 2013, and Laura pleaded guilty to the same charge in June 2013, according to court documents.

Both women, Baxter said, cooperated with the prosecution in regard to Campbell’s involvement. The Purcells both agreed to testify against Campbell at trial, but Campbell accepted a plea deal of his own and was sentenced to seven years in prison earlier this week.

Even though the Purcells’ roles in the incident were similar, they’re facing vastly different sentences.

Laura was sentenced to community-controlled sanctions. She’ll spend six months at a Tiffin-area drug treatment center. If she later violates any of her sanctions, she’ll face four years in prison, Baxter said.

Theresa received a five-year prison sentence. Baxter said Erie County Common Pleas Court Judge Roger Binette cited Theresa’s criminal history at the hearing while determining her sentence.

“He came down pretty hard on her. He felt she was not a good candidate for community-controlled sanctions” Baxter said.

Wilson, meanwhile, was sentenced in May 2013 to eight years in prison for complicity to commit aggravated robbery.



Looking in the mirror every day is a lifetime sentence they must endure.

Dwight K.

I wonder if they're single...


Once again Sandusky Register, you didn't do your homework, nor did you check the facts before you printed this story. These two are NOT sisters, they are cousins. You can't use the "we got false information" excuse either, because these two were NEVER referred to as sisters, throughout this whole ordeal. You simply seen that there last names were the same ,and assumed they were sisters. You for one should know what happens when you ASSUME something, you make an @$$, out of YOU and once again YOU.

Dwight K.

Is it that big of a deal if they're sisters or cousins.. Being scum is what matters


Scum they are, sisters they are NOT. Is it that big of a deal you ask? Yes it is, because it's NOT true. Those of us that actually subscribe and pay for the newspaper, expect true factual information, from the journalist, on EVERYTHING that they are reporting on. Nothing more, nothing less.