Car wash gunman gets seven years

Victim arrested just before sentencing hearing after allegedly making threats against shooter
Courtney Astolfi
Apr 8, 2014


The gunman who shot a man at a Perkins Avenue car wash last year was sentenced Monday to seven years in prison.

The victim, meanwhile, was jailed on charges of his own after he allegedly made a veiled threat on the shooter’s life.

Marcus Campbell, 26, pleaded guilty in late March to one count each of felonious assault and having a weapon under disability. At his hearing Monday morning, Erie County Common Pleas Court Judge Roger Binette handed down a seven-year sentence for the assault charge and a concurrent 30-month sentence for the weapons charge.

Campbell’s release won’t come until 2022, according to court documents.

Campbell’s community-controlled sanctions for two other felony cases were revoked following the car wash shooting, and he’s now serving a sentence for those violations until October 2015. At that point, Campbell will begin his newly imposed seven-year sentence, according to court documents.

Campbell’s sentence apparently did not sit well with his shooting victim.

Bartt Carruthers, 50, of the 2700 block of W. Monroe St., was arrested on an aggravated menacing charge Monday morning, prior to Campbell’s hearing.

On March 27, a man later identified as Carruthers called the Erie County jail.

“Make sure Marcus Campbell has a flak jacket on when he goes to court Monday,” Carruthers allegedly told a corrections officer.

When the guard asked Carruthers why, he disconnected the call.

Carruthers later apologized for the call, saying he felt the sentence was not appropriate for the crime and that he was intoxicated at the time, according to a deputy’s report.

Campbell’s sentencing hearing was pushed back another week and Carruthers was being treated at a hospital at the time, so Erie County deputies issued a warrant for his arrest.

Deputies served the warrant Monday morning and took him to the Erie County jail. Though they offered to take him to Campbell’s sentencing, Carruthers declined, Erie County Chief Deputy Jared Oliver said.

On Jan. 16, 2013, Campbell shot Carruthers at a self-serve car wash in the 500 block of W. Perkins Ave. Sandusky police later learned the shooting was a botched robbery setup.

Carruthers’ stepdaughter, Katie Wilson, 26, lured Carruthers there under the pretense of selling him Xanax, police said. When Campbell and Wilson’s robbery attempt went wrong, Campbell fired three shots at Carruthers before fleeing the area.

One bullet pierced Carruthers’ chest and arm, narrowly missing his heart.



Good luck bird!

Dwight K.

So after 7 years we'll probably see his name in the police blotter again?

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(Carruthers’) I thought he was arrested fore something recently too?

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Max for felonious assault is 8 yrs, he got 7. Max for weapon under disability is 5 yrs, he got 2.5. and they run together. so instead of being put away for 13 yrs. This judge figured a little more than half that was enough. Let's get rid of this judge and those like him. Guy will be committing crimes within 6 months of his release. During a time he should still have been in jail.


Agreed powerhouser!!!! Judge Binette sure does like to throw the maximum, and even sometimes it seems, more than the maximum, at drug dealers, but someone, who I personally feel should have been charged with ATTEMPTED MURDER, gets away with just SEVEN YEARS!?!? Oh, but I forgot, didn't they say Binette used to be the drug task force leader or something??? WHY was this guy ONLY charged with felonious assault anyhow, when he fired two shots at Carruthers and one of those shots narrowly missed his heart??? You are exactly right, he will be out on the streets of OUR city again when he is released causing more havoc, let's just hope and pray his situation doesn't then turn out like Randleman or Clinton's!!!! Seriously, we NEED to vote Binette OUT!!!! AND as far as I'm concerned, the prosecutors as well, since it is obvious that they are the ones who bargained this guy's charges down to just felonious assault!!


After what Carruthers did to his mom he got what he deserved. Anybody who beats a elderly woman to the point you break her eye bone deserve what is coming to them. Plus isn't he the one who just tried to rob someone at gun point himself.


It's obvious the judge took into consideration the victim's own stepdaughter lured him to come to the point of the crime vs a random act and that the victim was buying drugs illegal which is also a crime. For his and his stepdaughter's infractions it sounds about right. Had it not been under this pretense I could see much more time in prison.


I don't know Carruthers, which is the step dad who was trying to buy the drugs, and got shot instead, and maybe that was his karma, but my whole point is that drug dealers are getting more prison time than what this man got for what SHOULD have been ATTEMPTED MURDER!! HOW on earth do you shoot someone and just barely miss their heart but only get charged with felonious assault??? And then, to not even be sentenced to the maximum amount of time for either of the charges that he pleaded guilty to??? He either snitched real good on some people that SPD are interested in, or Judge Binette really does just take the drug cases way too much to the extreme! Most drug dealers are going to prison for nearly LIFE sentences, and this joker will be back out on the streets in 7 years to shoot up his next victim!! When will it stop?????


I would imagine this was a plea deal. He was likely originally charged with attempted murder and pled guilty to a reduced charge.

There you go again

Just 7 years for shooting at a person? What a joke!!!


Not ONLY shooting AT a person three times, but HITTING HIM AND NEARLY MISSING HIS HEART!!! Like I said, must be a big time snitch or something because there is no way he should have even been offered a plea down from attempted murder to felonious assault!!!