Woman accused of stealing from 74-year-old

Suspect claims Nigerian man she was dating online is responsible for theft
Courtney Astolfi
Apr 4, 2014


A Sandusky woman was arrested this week for allegedly swindling an elderly woman out of more than $1,000.

Kimberly Moots, 27, of the 300 block of Finch St., was charged with theft from an elderly person, a fourth-degree felony.

A 74-year-old Hayes Avenue woman reached out to Sandusky police March 12 to report her bank account was “hacked,” according to a police report. She noticed $1,500 missing from her checking account and said her debit card was also missing.

On Monday, the woman again reached out to police, showing them her Citizens Bank account statement.

Detailed in the paperwork: $1,060 in missing funds, the report said.

Officers noted 22 separate transactions in her account from March 3 to March 17. The charges were made at multiple local businesses, including several gas stations, McDonald’s, Meijer and Aeropostale, and even included wireless and Ohio Edison payments, the report said.

Officers then confronted Moots, a family friend of the woman, who insisted she fell victim to a scam.

Moots alleged she’d been dating a Nigerian man online and gave him the woman’s account information so she could receive $2,000 in “inheritance money” from the man’s uncle, the report said.

Moots said the man wired the money, but the woman’s bank statement did not list a $2,000 deposit.

Officers then asked Moots if she used the woman’s card for personal purchases. Moots admitted to making the purchases at local businesses, but insisted she’d used her own card to make them, and the Nigerian man somehow linked her pre-paid debit card to the woman’s account, the report said.

“Kimberly loosed away from me while I was asking questions, crossed her arms and changed her body posture … I felt she was not being truthful with me,” the officer stated in his report.

The officer told Moots she had one opportunity to be truthful. Moots paused for a second, then again said, “No, I didn’t use her card” the report said.

The woman said she wanted Moots held accountable, so prosecutors authorized a felony theft charge.

As Moots was already incarcerated on a separate theft offense, officers served her the charges at the Erie County jail. She’s being held there on $5,000 bond.



Stealing from the elderly.........how sad is that.


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Everyone is fam...

She has stolen before, but some how thinks this story of a mysterious Nigerian man will be believable. Boy, you really can't fix stupid. No wonder she has to date online.

Everyone is fam...

Ha! And I just noticed where some of the transactions were made. McNasty's and Aeropostle. Girl, I know you ain't fitting in those Aeropostle outfits eating that crap. Just cause it zips doesn't mean it fits.



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This this this!


Innocent until proven guilty! I am nearly certain this fine, upstanding Erie County inmate would never steal from anyone... I am sure the "separate theft offense" was also a con by her Nigerian knight in shining armor!


Kim will you ever learn? It's not surprising since has done this same exact thing before to one of her so called friends. Get it together girl


This is the same woman that stole a $2,000.00 bird from the pet store on strub and 250, a few years ago. She has been robbing and stealing for quite some time, but somehow she keeps avoiding prison. She sits in jail for a couple days after being arrested, then they let her out and nothing else happens. Hopefully she will get what she deserves this time. Stealing from the elderly, and her criminal past, should assure her 3 hots and a cot. Lets hope anyways


She's probably a snitch.


I too have a Nigerian uncle who is dating my cousins sisters friend. He promised to make me a queen. All I needed to do was wire 2000$ to an account to pay for the inheritance so he can get his crown. Then he will send me lots of money and the keys to my kingdom. There will be lots of money and gold. It sounds so legit. He told me I need to keep it a secret though because so many try and steal his fame/fortune.


these scams have become so common that now we all have a kenyan uncle in the white house and he's scamming the whole country..

Stop It



I can see how she would say that about her Nigerian "boyfriend". Shortly after I started on facebook there was a "friend" from somewhere and I think it may have been Nigeria but I can't remember now it's been so long, but at first - because we had had a mutual friend - I didn't think to much of talking to him and being a "Farmville" friend but when he started asking for money so that he could come to the states and asking if I would be his "sponsor" so he could get a visa, that was the last time I talked to him. When they start talking money, you know it's time to cut them loose!! At least if you have 2 brain cells to rub together you do!!


Does anyone remember the movie that Cher was in called Mask? I believe the womans name she played was Rusty, and her son was Rocky. This girl looks just like "Rocky", minus the red hair of course. It's no wonder she had a boyfriend in Nigeria. Local men would never want to date "Rocky". I guess Nigerian men love women with elephantitus.


The part Cher played was Rusty. The boy was Rocky.


Thank you, I had it reversed. It has been corrected