Housekeepers accused of theft

Guests find cash missing from rooms
Courtney Astolfi
Mar 15, 2014


Two Cleveland-area housekeepers are facing felony charges after they stole cash from multiple Great Wolf Lodge hotel rooms, police said.

An Elyria girl, 16, was charged with two counts of felony burglary and two counts of misdemeanor theft.

Mara Holler, 20, of Cleveland, was charged with two counts of felony complicity to burglary and two counts of misdemeanorcomplicity to theft.

At 1:30 p.m. Thursday, a Great Wolf guest discovered about $300 in American and Canadian dollars missing from her wallet left inside her room, according to a Perkins police report. She and her family had been at the lodge’s water park, but were certain they’d left their valuables and cash in their room.

They called Perkins police, who soon retrieved key-card access logs from the lodge, the report said.

Officers learned an outside cleaning service had been called in to tend to some of the hotel’s rooms. The Elyria teen, logs showed, had accessed the family’s room shortly after noon, the report said.

Officers knew something was amiss after learning the girl had been assigned to a set of rooms on a different floor, on the opposite side of the hotel.

Investigators took the teen into a conference room for an interview. She turned out her pockets and emptied her shoes, but no cash was found. The girl said another employee had told her to go to the room in question. When she arrived, she opened the door, saw a coat hanging, and closed it, the girl told police.

Holler, the girl’s partner for the day, later admitted she knew the teen had entered the room and stole the money, the report said.

Facing a body search, the girl then produced $317 from her bra. As officers escorted her and Holler to their cruiser, the cleaning company owner told officers she heard a crinkling in Holler’s pants. It was then she pulled $100 in Canadian currency and $118 American dollars from her pants, the report said.

As officers readied to leave the lodge, another guest reported about $200 missing, and officers realized the girl had entered that room as well, the report said.

At the police station, the girl admitted she’d also entered another room without permission and Holler was aware of that incident as well, the report said. According to jail records, an additional burglary and theft charge was listed under Holler’s name.

The teen was taken to the Erie County Detention Home, and Holler was taken to the Erie County jail. She remains there on $68,000 bond.



Got to make ends meet somehow!

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Condoning grand theft now deer? I thought more of you!

Steve P

They will great democratic candidates.


Isn't she cute.


These people should just be moved to Korea. Get them out of here.


Why is it always they same people on here that have somthing negative to say about everyone once again stfu! Why are you people so quick to judge. Like you have a pefect life and your a law abiding citizen babymomma u clearly have your own issues with a screen name like that.


Hold on just a second're actually criticizing people for condemning THEFT? You're actually defending people who STOLE from innocent vacationers?

I haven't seen anybody say that all housekeepers are dishonest, or that all tourists deserve to be fleeced. But THESE housekeepers are common thieves who, we can hope, will be punished accordingly. Do you seriously think there's an adequate excuse for that kind of behavior? REALLY?

I hope that if YOU'RE ever a victim, somebody immediately blames YOU and defends whoever it was that assaulted you, your property, or your rights. After all, they might have felt bad about something or really needed something, and YOU'RE the bad guy just because you happened to have it. Right???

Peachy Keen

Oh brother. Sorry to go all "negative" on you, but I can tell by your grammar and misspellings that you posess the same high level of intelligence as the the thieving housekeepers that you seem to be defending! What a pathetic comment.

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The same “judges” show up on each article. Judging by all their judgmental comments, judging someone must be OK...…as long as you’re not a judgmental Christian. ◔_◔


Are you really trying to defend thieves???? OMG. Quick to judge someone admitting to stealing from people staying in a hotel room. They admitting to entering a room and stealing from it. You better believe there will be a bunch of us judging that! I bet the next thing you will try to tell us is they are good people and just having a rough time?!??!


I feel that most housekeepers are honest but one should never leave valuables or cash in their rooms. Why tempt fate? Hotels have safes and that's where your money should be if you can't keep it on your person. Also-if Great Wolf Lodge was a better place to work, help would stay and they wouldn't have to resort to hiring from outside cleaning companies.

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the unsilent ma...

something negative to say? well they did break into someones rooms and steal their money. not exactly a positive action.


I try to find the good in people. That said, Unassumer, you couldn't be more wrong. It is NEVER ok to steal. In your comment you blamed the theft on Great Wolf Lodge for not being a good employer. You also blamed the guest for leaving THEIR money in THEIR room. Not one time did you blame the housekeepers, that went into a room that they were not supposed to be in, in the first place, and then went through all of the guest belongings , and robbing them. This was NOT Great Wolf Lodge or the guest fault, it was the criminals that robbed these innocent peoples fault.


I actually been working as a RN for 9 years so what does my grammer got to do with anything all im saying is. U dont kno if this girl is guilty find out before talking sh**


Did you miss the spot in the article that says the girl produced the money from her bra? OR the part that says she admits to entering another room without permission?


I have actually been working as an RN for 9 yrs. What does my grammar have to do with anything that I'm saying? You don't know if this girl is guilty, find out before talking sh**. You're welcome! Please post where you use all of this intelligence , so we may avoid it!


And to think I always thought RNs had to have some education. My bad, apparently!

(NOTE: For the sarcasm-impaired, I'm well aware of what you need to do to become an RN, and it isn't quick or easy. In this case, though, I wonder what on earth school could graduate somebody who has barely serviceable English!)

Peachy Keen

Wow, at what hospital do you work? I'm just asking so I'll know to avoid it!


Young people should think about what happens to their future when considering doing an illegal action. It definitely impacts future employment, influences people who may chose NOT to be your friend
knowing you have a criminal record and makes it hard to have self confidence.

I have always hoped someone would set up a website hosting people who would be willing to give or loan others in need of help. I have researched philanthropist and grant sites only finding it to be almost impossible to get help.

Some people feel the only way to help themselves over a hurdle in their life is to steal, sell drugs or other illegal activities.

I DO NOT condone what she did. She needs to be punished


I want to know what maid service Kalahari hires to help out. Whoever it is must not do background checks or bond their employees? You would think a business like Kalahari would have a better system. "THINK" being the key word here.


I'm not positive, but I don't believe Kalahari uses any "maid services". Kalahari, hires and uses its own housekeepers, not an outside company.


"Officers learned an outside cleaning service had been called in to tend to some of the hotel’s rooms" I didn't know they did either, till reading it in this article.


ladydye_5, this article and theft was at Great Wolf, not Kalahari.


It was great wolf who hired crew, Kalahari hires there own, I actually know several local friends that work there 1 being a housekeeper, also I'm sure the boss is not happy about her employees stealing gives her a bad rap also, they may bond them, but she has to trust people in order to have a business could have been first job girl had, no record.