Man allegedly assaults girlfriend

He had been drinking in Port Clinton, and later told deputies he “got his (expletive) kicked in Port Tucky”
Sandusky Register Staff
Mar 12, 2014


A Groton Township man was charged with domestic violence Friday night after he allegedly assaulted his girlfriend upon returning home from a night of drinking in “Port Tucky”

Matthew Greenawald, 36, 8200 block Ohio 113, was arrested at about 11:30 p.m. at his girlfriend’s Seminary Road home.

Greenawald had been drinking in Port Clinton, and later told deputies he “got his (expletive) kicked in Port Tucky” according to an Erie County deputy’s report.

When he returned home intoxicated, his girlfriend tried to keep him outside, but Greenawald allegedly forced his way past her, breaking a door handle in the process. Once inside, he told the woman to stitch up his head because he “got a boot to his face” the report said.

He then stripped and hopped in the shower, but the woman responded by turning off the water flow, tossing all his clothes on the patio and ordering him outside, the report said. Greenawald then allegedly elbowed the woman in the throat and began kicking her, and he also pummeled the side of the home, the report said.

He remains in the Erie County jail without bond.


From the Grave

Is the dog okay?


No dog involved... wrong article.


Always with the drinking......


looks like the same guy don't it?


Sure does. Thought the same thing.


Dude had a real bad night! Her too!


The woman beater had what was coming to him. My guess, just a guess, is he got out of hand with a man this time at the bar and got his butt beat, like he had been doing to his girlfriend. Kudos to her for trying to send him away. Best thing would be to let him sit in jail.


It's Port Compton


Ya'll don't get out much, do ya?


no it's not. It's parking lot for Put-in-Bay or Port Clizzle.


It's been Port Compton since the early 90's with my crew. Belltucky, Fretroit, and Port Compton.


Pls explain why you call it Port Compton... Compton, California?

I agree with Marbletucky... !


Back in the mid 90's that place was a ghetto. It was more a jab at "The Gardens" (I think that was the name of the projects).... It seems to be much better now.


it's still a ghetto. there are no real thugs here-they're all just wannabes on drugs and mostly in and out of jail and they don't just live in the Gardens. there is no one here that I would compare to a gang member in CA or Detroit even, unless they actually came from one of those places. some have been in prison but will most likely go back since they can't stay out of trouble. the murderers are mostly in Sandusky and Fremont now. at least so far.


Oh Mathew.... What have you done! Hope the woman is ok.


He pummeled the house, hope the house is ok. lol


well, there is a Marbletucky but no Port Tucky. I call it Dork Clinton but there are some bad aZZ country boys here. and yeah, I hope the dog is okay.


Guess the Port Tuckyites didn't kick his *** far enough.


Seems as though the moral decline of some individuals are destroying what used to be very nice areas. Sure hope there is a turn around soon. Don't let these people be the face of your home town!


Well for some reason these are the only faces the news media decide to present.


it's not my home town. I just happen to live here now and the law enforcement do their best to get the criminals off the street. many of them get in programs and get out of jail and go back to doing it again. I wouldn't call it moral decline,I would call it bad parenting mixed in with mental illness and societal changes.

pigeon farmer

Alcohol is legal and weed is not. He should have sparked a fatty instead of drinking the devil's nectar. Got to keep the prison industrial complex in business.


What scum......looks like he got what was coming to him...hope he stays in there!!!!


Girlfriend don't take this a.. back, what a loser. Alcohol ain't pretty on some people, wake up dummy.