Man arrested in January assault

“Man I don’t know him like that, he beats on my cousin’s (expletive),” He said the stains on his pants were ketchup, the report said.
Courtney Astolfi
Feb 27, 2014


A Sandusky man was arrested Tuesday night for a January assault that left a man seriously injured.

Robert Walton, 24, of the 800 block of Decatur St., was charged with felonious assault.

At about 1 a.m. Jan. 18, Quotaz Alexander, 30, was treated for face and forehead injuries at Firelands Regional Medical Center. He told police the injuries were caused outside the Decatur Street home of Walton, who is a cousin of Alexander’s ex-girlfriend, according to a police report.

According to Alexander, Walton had asked if he was stopping by earlier that evening. When Alexander arrived, he walked inside to find Walton and two other men. They told him “his girl” was sleeping in a back room, which prompted Alexander to leave because he didn’t know what they meant, the report said.

Walton allegedly followed Alexander outside and punched the back of his head. Alexander fell to the ground, where Walton proceeded to punch and kick his head, the report said. The other two men then joined in the assault.

Alexander fled and then checked himself into the emergency room, prompting an officer to set out for Walton’s home, the report said.

Walton told police he didn’t want to talk, and he abruptly closed the door. Police returned a short while later to arrest Alexander’s ex-girlfriend on an outstanding warrant through Lorain police.

At that point, Walton maintained he knew nothing of the assault, despite fresh abrasions on his hands and blood stains on his pants, the report said.

“Man I don’t know him like that, he beats on my cousin’s (expletive),” Walton told officers.

He said the stains on his pants were ketchup, the report said. Walton was charged with misdemeanor assault at the time, but officers later authorized a more severe charge given the extent of Alexander’s injuries.

Willard police located Walton Tuesday and handed him over to Sandusky police on his outstanding felonious assault warrant. He remains in the Erie County jail on $20,000 bond.



Wait so he beat a guy up for beating on his cousin (who is a female)? Sounds like the guy got what was coming to him. IF that was the truth.

mimi's word

I think he ment that his cousin and the fellow where in a sexual relationship...just saying


That s exactly what I was thinking. If Alexander was beating on his female cousin, he got what he deserves , and he had it coming. Not only this time , but every time I see you from here on out, untill he gets the point. Either keep your hands off her , or go find a new girl to beat on, because, every time I hear you hit her, I'm going to put you in the hospital. And I will be smiling all the way to jail

JMOP's picture

I think what he was saying was he has no beef with the guy. He doesn't know him like that. That Alaxander beats on his cousins kitty cat, but it starts with a P.


Sounds like they all belong in jail though.

Brick Hamland

Well said JMOP... in regular terms Alexander is having relations with Walton's counsin... ie. they get naked together


I know quotez as he has kids with my cousin and he doesn't mind hitting females but when it comes to guys he will either run or grab a weapon. Sooner or later someone was going to catch up with him

Licorice Schtick

If someone's being abused, call the cops. If you take the law into your own hands, you're not just as bad, you're worse. Hence the $20,000 bond.


Sure. Call the cops and in a few days he is back out coming back after her, even more p***ed off.

Licorice Schtick

And this outcome is better?


Why would you beat someone's nether region?

JMOP's picture

Her nether region is beaten with his nether region.
More like a pounding head(ache).

Get the drift?