Police: Sex offender threatens to kill wife

Plymouth man also accused of running massage parlor, prostitution house
Courtney Astolfi
Feb 26, 2014


A sex offender who allegedly helped run a massage parlor and prostitution house in Plymouth is back behind bars in Erie County after he threatened to kill his wife and co-defendant if she didn’t lie for him at trial.

David Endicott, 55, had his bond revoked earlier this month and was booked into jail Friday on a charge of failing to verify his address as a sex offender.

In mid-September, Huron County deputies, Plymouth police and state investigators raided Endicott’s Plymouth home. They arrested him for complicity to prostitution, and his wife, Xiao Min Feng, for prostitution.

A few days later, Sandusky residents reported seeing Endicott and Feng living in the 600 block of Shelby St.

Endicott has a 2003 South Carolina conviction for committing or attempting a lewd act on a child under the age of 16. He had not registered as a sex offender at that address, and was arrested by Erie County deputies for not doing so.

But he bonded out of the Erie County jail, and began registering as an offender at both the Plymouth and Sandusky addresses, Erie County Sheriff’s Capt. Steve Westcott said.

On Feb. 10, Feng, who is now Endicott’s estranged wife, went to Sandusky police and said Endicott placed three harassing phone calls to her, according to a Sandusky police report. He allegedly threatened to kill Feng if she failed to show up at trial and lie to protect him.

Feng filed for a civil protection order later that day.

The court granted it, taking into account the recent threats and a pattern of alleged physical abuse Feng sustained at Endicott’s hands, said Lori Rickenbaugh, judicial administrator for Erie County Common Pleas Court Judge Roger Binette.

A full hearing for the protection order was slated for Feb. 18, but neither party showed, and Feng’s attorney asked for a delay because the court needed to find a Chinese interpreter, Rickenbaugh said.

The hearing was rescheduled for April, but Endicott’s bond was still revoked because he is required to avoid engaging in offensive behavior and the alleged threats could land him an additional criminal charge, Rickenbaugh said.

Richland County court records show Feng unsuccessfully tried to obtain a protection order against Endicott in February 2012.

Endicott remains jailed without bond.



In the word of Jim Carrey:"Somebody stop me!" Sex offender are by far one of the worst offenders. This guy had a prostitute for a wife. Somebody stop him.


or he turned her into a prostitute which is even worse.


There is no rehabilitation for this piece of garbage, throw him in a cage and lose the key!!



This guy is STILL living in Plymouth-oh YES he is!
I just saw him at Plymouth's Dollar General last week --his "wife" might live in Sandusky but HE lives in Plymouth.

Folks living on Broadway Street obviously know he's a child molester but they NEED to know he's a potential KILLER too. (He threatened his wife over the phone cause he's living in Plymouth).

To the person above who says "He had a prostitute for a wife" ==HE is the MONSTER (could this be any clearer NOW??). He was PROSTITUTING her.

There are 2 ways prostitution happens:
1) Someone prostitutes themselves (cause they want money-drugs-attention-etc)
2) Someone prostitutes them by force or threat or taking advantage of their dependency in some way (drug related or financially etc).

This man prostituted HER (by force/threat/taking advantage of her financial and cultural dependency).



I hope this guy walks into oncoming traffic and somebody urinates on his grave. He's a disgraceful, disgusting, poor excuse for a human being.


Yet another example of how local LEOs, prosecutors and Courts do not take crimes especially sex crimes against women and children seriously.

Gosh we wouldn't want to disrupt the large local sex and drug industry.

Finally God forgive me, but this creature is butt faced ugly and the manifestation of evil.