Shooter sentenced to 7 years

McDaniel, 27, fired shots at vehicle, assaulted boy, 3
Courtney Astolfi
Feb 26, 2014
A Sandusky man was sentenced to seven years in prison Monday for incidents last year, in which he fired shots at a vehicle downtown and also assaulted a child.

Jarrett McDaniel, 27, of Ashburn Drive, was transferred to the Lorain Correctional Institution on Tuesday.

On May 17, McDaniel fired three shots at a man and woman as they drove away from a Columbus Avenue bar. One bullet grazed the driver’s side door. The two victims had just parted ways with a group of friends, one of which was the mother of McDaniel’s children.

After McDaniel was released three weeks later on bond, he promptly began assaulting a 3-year-old boy. He punched the child’s chest, picked him up by his ears and bit his buttocks, Sandusky police said.

For the shooting, Sandusky police charged McDaniel with attempted murder, felonious assault and weapons violations. For assaulting the child, prosecutors leveled charges of felonious child endangering and domestic violence, according to court records.

A grand jury later indicted McDaniel on only some of those charges, and in an early January deal, he pleaded guilty to two counts of felonious assault, having a weapon under disability, discharging a firearm near a prohibited premises and an amended misdemeanor child endangering charge.

He was sentenced to seven years and shipped off to Lorain, but a clerical error on court documents forced Erie County Common Pleas Court Judge Roger Binette to hold a second sentencing hearing Monday.

On McDaniel’s paperwork, one of his weapons charges was listed as a fifth-degree felony, but it should have been a thirddegree felony, a judicial administrator said.

The Bureau of Sentencing Computation caught the error and ordered another hearing. McDaniel’s sentence remained the same.

He received four years for each of his charges, with each sentence running simultaneously. An additional three years were added for a weapons specification.



On a different note this is the same guy that was in jail calling the police station so much while in jail trying to tell on anyone and everyone, that the C.Os at the jail called over the P.A to him and said the task force said stop fing calling them.... All the inmates in his pod heard this and quess what??? He got beat up minutes later!! lol there lucky he didn't get murdered and they put his life in danger...But with the charges who cares! lol #truestory

Julie R.

Wasn't there another case of Judge Roger Binette's in the paper a few or more years ago --- something about Binette tacking on more years to some black guy's sentence because he failed to show up in court on the day of his sentencing? Didn't the guy file an appeal and the 6th District Court agreed and said Binette could not do that? (I think, but I'm not sure, that guy was a drug dealer, too) I remember that because Binette was quoted in the Register giving the reason he gave the guy more time. He said he saw him earlier that day (I think it was at the Tractor Supply Co.) and reminded him he was to be in court that afternoon and the guy promised he would be there but didn't show up ...... but once again, the 6th District Court of Appeals said Binette could not do that.


Some people get stiffer penalties for selling drugs. This piece of s*** human being deserves a lot worse, especially considering he sexually assaulted a child. I have no remorse for this disgusting, disgraceful, and embarrassing degenerate. I hope he walks into oncoming traffic and someone urinates on his grave.