Man accused of assaulting woman

A Sandusky man will face charges for a Sunday incident in which he allegedly assaulted the mother of his children then stole her cell phone.
Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 18, 2014


Camarron Aaron, 24, 1100 block Wamajo Drive, is charged with domestic violence, assault and robbery.

It was around noon Sunday when Aaron walked uninvited into the Wayne Street home where the mother of his children was hanging out with friends, according to a Sandusky police report. When Aaron told the woman they were leaving and she refused, Aaron knocked the woman out of her chair and began punching her, the report said.

He allegedly continued the assault in the apartment hallway, and he also allegedly grabbed her head, pushing it into a wall.

Aaron then took the woman’s cell phone and left on foot, the report said.

Police said he will be arrested on his charges when officers next locate him.


he said she said

The police can't find those that have FTAs so how do they think they are gonna find this kid?


How is it that some men think they are in charge of women and can order them what to do and assault them like they are of no value? I hope he gets caught.


Just like that steriod using loser Andy Kennedy from Margaretta that smacked his live-in around last Saturday night.

What is it with these clowns hitting women? Kennedy has always been a bully and it's his standard go to move when coaching (or being an over-involved parent). He thinks he can puff out his chest and bellow at someone and they have to jump.

Maybe he needs to do a few months in the slammer with someone who really is rough and tumble?


What a big man beating on a woman. He needs taken out back and smacked around himself. Welcome to the hood lol


What hood?