Thief allegedly pepper-sprays man

When Walmart employees and a group of shoppers nabbed a theft suspect Tuesday afternoon, the alleged thief promptly sprayed one of them with pepper spray, according to a Norwalk police report.
Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 2, 2014


Nathaniel O’Brien, 24, of the 100 block of Concord Court, was charged with robbery.

Police were dispatched to the Norwalk Walmart at about 1:45 p.m., after employees and shoppers captured O’Brien.

Employees told police O’Brien tried to steal some items, but when they confronted him he tried to flee. Two bystanders in the parking lot intervened — an unidentified woman who stuck out her leg to trip O’Brien, which caused him to lose his shoe, and a man who grabbed O’Brien and held onto him until police arrived.

O’Brien allegedly tried to free himself by pulling out a can of aerosol pepper spray, which he sprayed on himself and the man who detained him, the report said.

Police took O’Brien to the Huron County jail on the robbery charge. There was also a warrant for his arrest on a probation violation.



What a piece of work. How about keeping him locked up this time. What are the courts thinking? Are you wanting him to kill someone? He is a heroin addict that refuses to get help. He has been arrested for theft over 30 times, and gets released EVERY time. He has been arrested for assault numerous times, and continues being released. He has assaulted and robbed from the elderly multiple times, still no jail time. He has been caught snatching purses, possession of drugs, drug instruments, drug abuse, breaking and entering but , you guessed it, the courts let him go. He is the perfect example of a menace to society. Lock him up for a while, its probably the only thing thats gonna save his life. There is obviously nothing he wont do, in order to get high. Helping him can only be achieved by keeping him incarcerated. How many get out of jail free cards does this guy get? Come on, DO NOT pass go, DO NOT collect 200 dollars.


Got to give credit those shoppers are brave in capturing the thief. Would not be my plan of action. Never sure that the guy has on his person as in this case pepper spray but could have been a loaded gun.

Remember a few years ago walking from parking lot to Sandusky Walmart and 2 teenagers ran out with bags of candy in tow and Walmart manager in pursuit. The kids were faster and ran over to what was then the Ramada and disappeared. None of us stopped the teenagers or ran after them. Short time later Perkins Police arrived and Walmart manager got in the car and they drove over to Ramada and you could see around the parking lot. To my knowledge never found them.

Walmart in Norwalk gets hit a lot. Year or so a fire was set in the fabrics area. Not too long ago a person stole a laptop computer from a locked cabinet in the electronics department. They must seemingly be an easy or popular target for thieves.