Man lands charges after alleged assault

Erie County deputies arrested a man Wednesday morning for allegedly assaulting a woman while she held their infant son.
Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 2, 2014


Matthew Fallon, 35, of Strongsville, was charged with child endangering and felony domestic violence.

Deputies went to a Rye Beach Road home at about 5 a.m., after the mother of Fallon’s twin sons reported a domestic dispute, Erie County Chief Deputy Jared Oliver said. The woman later told deputies Fallon dragged her around their apartment by her hair while she was holding one of the 7-month-old boys. The argument was spurred after Fallon allegedly returned home intoxicated, Oliver said.


   Given his previous domestic violence convictions, Fallon’s charge was upgraded to a felony. He remains in the Erie County jail without bond until his arraignment today.


The Rudy

What a guy. Really knows how to treat someone he 'cares' about.


apparently he was not taught not to abuse women; probably learned it from his dad or other male figure


Hopefully they will put him in prison before he kills her.


I agree but she also needs to leave and obtain a divorce. He's never going to change and her sons seeing that will lead to them possibly doing the same when they get older. Love doesn't conquer all.


Complete bull...just cause you see it growing up doesn't mean you repeat it when you become an adult. I'm living proof of that ! Personal accountability and knowing right from wrong goes a long way you bunch of enabling excuse makers !

Stop It

He goes to jail. OSHP officer goes free and carries a gun for the same.


Yea but the trooper was nice enough to donate his time to teach young boys how to jerk off. He's a giver, it's all perspective :-)