Detectives investigating scams at local Subway restaurants

Quick-change artists scammed two local Subway shops out of about $150 on Jan 8., according to a deputy’s report.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 22, 2014


Late last week, the franchise owner of the Subway on Cleveland Road in Huron Township and the Subway on Milan Road in Perkins Township reported men shortchanging two cashiers out of money on the same day, the report said.

Surveillance from the Huron Township store shows a man and woman ordering three cookies. The man then proceeded to confuse the cashier while asking for various denominations of change, the report said.

In Perkins Township, a different man was seen exchanging the cash, while the man from the Huron Township incident stood by and distracted other employees, the report said. The woman was not present the second time.

The suspects made off with $50 from the Cleveland Road store and $95 from the Milan Road store.

Erie County detectives are continuing to investigate the case.

Anyone with information can contact them at 419-625-7951.


From the Grave

And everything's $5 this month...go figure.


It has been my experience that the majority of people under 25 working as cashiers can not make change without looking at the display on a cash register.

My recommendation to the managers of these places is to train your employees to work without cash register displays. Make them learn to count back change.

William Jeffers...


When I get gas I go in with my credit card, get a cup of coffee, go to the register and tell them I want a total transaction of $50 put the balance on the pump. You would think I have asked them to launch the Space Shuttle.


The only way most of those "cashiers" can help you is if there is a picture on the register button of what you want. And even that is a 50/50 proposition...


Re: "The man then proceeded to confuse the cashier while asking for various denominations of change,"

Rule: Change is made based on the original transaction only and then the drawer is closed.

If additional change is wanted, get the mgr. or tell 'em to go to the bank.