Police: Man’s threats adding up

A Sandusky woman reported threatening voicemails she allegedly received from Alvin Watson just a few days before he was jailed for allegedly threatening at least two other people.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 7, 2014


Watson, 33, was arrested Dec. 31 on four counts of aggravated menacing and one count each of obstruction, possession of dangerous drugs and drug abuse.

Watson allegedly brandished a gun Dec. 15 in a dispute with a man on Hancock Street, warning him not to come back. But on Dec. 29, Watson and a man argued when the man discovered Watson in his house with his wife.

At that time, Watson pulled a gun from his waistband and waved it around, the report said.

On Sunday, a Sandusky woman reported threatening voicemails Watson allegedly sent her just days before he was arrested for making the other threats.

The woman knew Watson as “Miguel O”— as did his other alleged victims. She had met “Miguel O” on a messaging app, but when she said she no longer wanted to talk with him, Watson left several voicemails, according to a police report.

In the messages, Watson said he was coming to get the woman and that he was outside her house, the report said.

Watson was not charged for the additional threats.