Woman tried to drown baby

Cincinnati police arrest mother of a 7-week-old girl found floating in a bathtub; charge her with attempted murder
Associated Press
Jan 7, 2014


Police said fire and police crews responded to a report of the infant floating in a bathtub Dec. 31. They took the child to a hospital, where she is being treated for life-threatening injuries.

Police said they arrested the girl’s mother, Jessica Whitehead, 27, Monday on a warrant charging her with attempted murder for allegedly trying to drown the baby. Court and jail documents did not list an attorney for Whitehead.





Sounds like a case of postpartum depression to me. This woman is 27 years old. She carried the baby for nine months. Maybe the child cried a lot. Who called the police and fire? Lot's of question here. Hope both the mother and child are going to be ok.


Or she's just evil


Or maybe it is just as grandmasgirl said. You or I don't know the circumstances or mental state this woman is in, so why would you come to the instant conclusion that she's an evil person. By the little info in the article, I would still put my money on the first post- good job grandmasgirl

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Both of them were found in the tub unresponsive.


This article tells you nothing.