Bar owner charged after failing to report gunshots

The owner of DJ’s Sports Bar was charged with disorderly conduct early Sunday morning for failing to contact Sandusky police after a large fight broke out in his parking lot and five gunshots were fired, police said.
Sandusky Register Staff
Dec 30, 2013


The owner, Eugene McDuffy, 41, 1500 block Seneca St., was charged with persistent disorderly conduct.

Johnny Jackson, 34, 300 block Tiffin Ave., and Darian Agee, 24, 700 block E. Park St., were each charged with disorderly conduct fighting.

Officers went to the Cleveland Road bar around 4:30 a.m. Sunday after a resident heard approximately five shots fired in the DJ Sports Bar parking lot, according to a Sandusky police report.

When officers arrived, they allegedly found Jackson and Agee fighting inside the bar.

Officers located five spent .380 rounds, one spent .45 round, and one unspent .45 round, the report said.

Also located was a bag of marijuana.



Weed, guns, and booze?!?! DJ's got it poppin! Sounds fun.


Close down that "bar" before someone gets killed!

Whiskey Tango F...

Shutting down this bar will only destroy a different bar. You can only do so much once "they" start to show up. Poon's, club impi, knotty pine, the winery, the drink, daileys, have all had to do battle with the elements. What if we could get a real prosecutor and a real judge that actually charged this slime?

Brick Hamland

good point whiskey. I would make a bet that if this place shuts down the next place to go would be the Milan Rd. Grill or whatever is in the old IAB building. need to crack down on the offenders and deter the others through stiffer penalties for those that get caught.


Declare this place a public nuisance and call in the Bulldozer.

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dorothy gale

Why is this place still open?!

Darwin's choice

4:00 am drone strike....!




I thought bars closed at 2:30 or so? Why was D J's still not only open, but apparently serving alcohol at 4:30 a.m.?


BYOB after hours spot

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Can we inspect these guns? They are in need of repair so they can find their target. Please ODOT can we borrow a few concrete barricades to stack together so the rounds stay put. Make the place a alcohol, heroin, crack cocaine free zone and the SFD can come wash out the mess in the morning. Let the fools take out their own trash so we citizens do not have to deal with their worthlessness!


When are people going to grow up ? Its just lucky no one got shot . Its time to close it up before {like it was stated in the comments } someone gets killed . what is the matter with the owners of that bar ? You have a 2;30 licends and yet you still have people at your bar at 4:30 ? whats up with that?


I could be wrong but I think there is no liquor license. I believe it's a BYOB place. I think he should just close at 2:30 like the other bars. Too much drama!


Well, as dear old Dad always said- nothing good happens after midnight


Well where are you gonna be at 11:59 p.m. tomorrow?


Home ------- Asleep


Lame. No wonder you're such a stick in the mud! Have fun with life, you only get 1, and you're gonna be in the ground before you know it!


Eugene McDuffy - Blk (Ohio): "let them thin the herd". He may be doing us a service to society.

Simple Enough II

I wonder if SPARC has a stop there, as I find it hard to believe that with the activities taking place, that the Cops couldn't make a dent in the outstanding warrants, and I'm sure the following would be included, DUS, No License, Firearms under disability, illegal drug possession, curfew violation. Firearms with this caliber of folks is like cockroaches, if you see one, there are plenty more there! Could it be that the local government including judicial feel that cracking down on this activity look bad for the tourist trade? Will the enforcement and subsequent court involvement only take place when a tourist is harmed?