Man sells son’s toys for drug money

A local man stole his son’s video games and action figures and sold them for crack-cocaine money, according to Erie County deputies.
Shawn Foucher
Dec 25, 2013


Jeremy Morrow, 33, who is homeless but now living in the Erie County jail, was charged with theft. Morrow was arrested last week on a warrant for multiple drug offenses.
He was in the county jail on Saturday when his mother, who lives in Milan Township and has custody of his young son, discovered a number of items were missing, according to a deputy’s report.

The woman told deputies her grandson’s Nintendo 3DS game system and about a half a dozen games were missing, as well as an Xbox 360 “Skylanders” game and 10 action figures, the report said. The woman told deputies she suspected Morrow stole the items, as he and his girlfriend have a history of stealing from family members.

Seeing as Morrow was sitting in jail when the woman filed the report, deputies decided to pay him a visit and ask him about the allegations.

He soon admitted he took the items and sold them at a local video game store so he could get money for crack-cocaine, Erie County Detective Dennis Papineau said.

Deputies also suspect Morrow’s girlfriend played a role in helping him sell the games, given that Morrow doesn’t have a valid photo ID. She may also face charges, Papineau said.

Morrow’s mother told deputies she went to the store this week and purchased replacements for the stolen items.

Morrow remains in jail on about $13,000 bond.


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wow there is more than just one that does granddaughters other side stole her crib,dressers and a few other items..for their drugs..


Hey dude: get a life. You're too goodlooking to waste away on drugs!


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God Of Thunder

And we have a winner!!! Nitwit father-of-the-year. Congratulations scumbag.


Pretty low!

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swiss cheese kat


Simple Enough II

And I'm supposed to feel compassion fo drug, alcohol and heroin addicts while opening my wallet to more taxes to fuel another industry "health & recovery services". Nah, I don't think so.


I use to feel exactly the same way you do about those levies. But then I decided to educate myself on the issue and found out that it's just not that simple. It costs us taxpayers far more to NOT fund health and recovery services than to fund them. How much do you think it's costing us to incarcerate this guy? How much do you think it will cost us to incarcerate him next time? And, all the times after that? Now, multiply him by the number of people incarcerated due to mental health or drug addiction? Even if you can only successfully treat a small fraction of these people, it will save taxpayers far more of their hard-earned money in the long run. The other benefits, besides not paying for their incarceration, they can now be productive members of society by getting a job and off of public assistance. As I said, I used to vote against every one of these levies before I took the time to educate myself. Now I know health and recovery services levies are worth every single penny (and they usually only cost pennies per day).

Simple Enough II

Maybe time for natural selection to take its course.


In a perfect world...we do not live in a perfect world. In our world, it's guys like this that harm or kill innocent people trying to get their fix. I assume this is not the natural selection you want.

In our world, this guy steals from his own mother and children and gets locked up on our dime. It costs us money, and will cost his children the ability to grow up in a stable environment. Thank goodness for a loving grandmother with the means to provide for the kids (at least it appears that way from the article)...perhaps they have a chance.


This is starting to be a norm around our area. Druggies will steal from anybody (family included) to get high. I learnt a while ago I never trust anybody, my kids bring home friends all the time and even though I know these kids and most of their parents I never keep my prescriptions where somebody could easily find them.
Murders will be next, whether it comes from a well defended victim or a druggy taking chances and robbing at no cost, murders will keep going up in our area and no town is exempt from this.


Berlin- "You are my sunshine- my only sunshine- you make me happy....." lol


Where are the bleeding hearts? With all the typical, "they have a disease" and "we need to help them" ? This is as LOW AS IT GETS! Why as a society are we supposed to feel bad and help people like this???




disease? really ? tel that to that poor man burying his wife. lack of giving a damn is more like it




You people act surprised or like this type of behavior is new or this problem is stemming from a generation,,, this type of behavior and crime has always existed. It has just recently however become the norm to splatter every dime bag sold , and TV stolen by a junkie in the paper. Prior to this trend you would see a line in the blotter if you where lucky... Only the most severe and despicable crimes actually got an article... Now anything that is possibly linked to a drug habit is blasted in the paper as a news worthy article. Maybe its because we like to read and comment on the poor actions and stupidity that others do to make us feel better about our own existence, I don't know-


Father of the Year, indeed! I don't care WHY he needed the money, even if it was for rent or groceries. The bottom line is that he stole from HIS OWN CHILD! Is there anything lower than that?

And yes, you're right that this kind of thing is not only likely to continue but to escalate. But however many idiots decide to rob the wrong homeowner and who end up getting shot for their troubles, I will NEVER call it "murder" as berlinrdgang does. That's not murder. That's taking out the trash.

Addiction, once it's an addiction, is a disease that CAN be treated. It's the individual's choice not to seek treatment. And long before it's an addiction, it's an individual's choice to engage in the risky behavior that leads to addiction in the first place. No sympathy here. Buck up to your responsibilities, Daddy, or butt out all together.


Get help!


Was not his mom a barmaid in Norwalk?


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Another scumbag fouling up the gene pool.


"Morrow was arrested last week on a warrant for multiple drug offenses"
We need Harsher Penalties for drug abuse!

all fact or all...

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).

all fact or all...

P.S. This so called girlfriend should be sitting in jail as well...not just a maybe from Erie county

all fact or all...

P.S. This so called girlfriend should be sitting in jail as well...not just a maybe from Erie county