Internet cafe clerk robbed at gunpoint

An Internet cafe clerk told detectives she was robbed at gunpoint late Tuesday night after taking out the trash behind the business.
Sandusky Register Staff
Dec 21, 2013


The 25-year-old woman told Clyde police she was robbed just before 11 p.m., after the Dew Drop Inn in the 500 block of Main St. was closed.

“The only thing we have is that a gentleman approached her outside the back of the building, put a gun to her head, demanded money, and she turned over an undisclosed amount of cash,” Detective Mark Roach said.

The woman said the suspect forced her inside, where she cleared out the cash register and handed over the money. She described him only as a man with a gruff voice.

Anyone with information can call Clyde police at 419-547-9555.


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I shall keep my opinion to myself for now. maybe you are thinking what I am, will wait for a report in a few weeks : )

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This is the last you'll hear of it. Clyde isn't exactly Hawaii 5 0.


Mmmmmm hmm?


My restaurant does not let employees take out the trash after dark.


I thought these places where shut down by the state. I see one on Perkins ave is open again in Sandusky, whats up with that?

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That's a gentleman?


these days, yes, unfortunately..