Man in jail for bashing in driver’s window

A New London man who bashed in a driver’s window after he thought the driver almost struck his wife’s vehicle is serving 90 days in jail.
Sandusky Register Staff
Dec 21, 2013


Steve Moore, 37, started serving the sentence at the Huron County jail this week, after a judge allowed him to defer the start of it until after he finished up a semester of classes, according to court records.

Moore was charged with felonious assault by Huron County deputies after the March 28 incident, Chief Deputy Ted Patrick said.

Moore’s wife was at the McDonald’s drive through in New London that day, when she said a box truck passing through almost struck her vehicle, and the two drivers argued.

Moore then went home and told her husband of the incident, and the two went searching for the vehicle. They found it north of New London on Ohio 60 and maneuvered in front of the box truck to get the driver to stop.

Then Moore confronted him, pulled out a baseball bat and struck the side of the vehicle twice before smashing out a window and injuring the man inside.

Moore pleaded guilty to attempted felonious assault in October and was sentenced to 90 days in jail, three years community control, and granted work release while he served his sentence.


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Hot head! If he would have done that to me, he would be serving an eternal term six feet under. Be careful who you attack, they may be ready to protect themselves!


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You know 2cents, I almost started to think- what the heck are they sending a guy going to college to jail for 90 days for when you cant even get that kind of sentence for a heroin dealer- until I read the full article. I agree with you completely. Hopefully his college course was some sort of psychology class on how to control his emotions.

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King, what makes it more scary is that his wife basically set up the entire thing, they went on a mission to hunt for this truck, they were armed with the bat and in my eyes this was a first degree offense because they were hunting someone, they had planned to do harm by bringing the bat. Maybe the wife should do 90 as well and both of them go to anger management counseling.

My girlfriend was sideswiped on the highway last week, her car has dents and scratches along the passenger side, it was snowy and the other driver waved out their window. She had written down the plate number and we went through the process going to the Highway patrol in Cleveland, made the report, gave them the LP number and the next day her insurance agent came by, looked at the damage and cut her a check. I will protect myself, but why in hell would someone go hunting for another? They did not even hit her?


Well, you've pretty much summed up this story- I really don't have anything to add. Glad to hear your girlfriend is ok.

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Thanks, she is fine other than having her 2012 vehicle in need of minor surface repair. Have a nice Christmas : )


As a truck driver, I deal with crappy drivers everyday... so many times have I thought of retaliating, but have quickly released with a deep breathe, and the thought of my fiance and children. The way I see it,...if the vehicle doesn't touch your own, or cause chaos, harm no foul. This man appears foul.


Wouldn't it have been more prudent to report his driving to the company he works for rather than what the guy did? 90 days in jail-is it really worth it?

AJ Oliver

Hey 2Cents - Is it really a good idea to respond to criminal damaging and assault with death? So you're right, I'm glad you were not there. You need to keep working so you can support me and my ilk in our retirement. Can't very well do that from behind bars, now can you?

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"and injuring the man inside"

Did you miss this part AJ?