Short-change artist dupes clerk

A short-change artist made off with $400 from Best Buy Wednesday evening, according to a Perkins police report.
Sandusky Register Staff
Dec 8, 2013


Three men entered the electronics store around 7 p.m. Wednesday.

Two of the men immediately began distracting employees, then proceeded outside and started to fight, the report said.

As those two fought, the third purchased a DVD at the register. The man paid with a $100 bill, but asked for different change several times. At one point, he gave her the change back, and asked for his $100 bill in return.

When the employee said she was going to ask a co-worker for help, the man said, “Give me my receipt, I have to go,” and walked out, the report said. Employees counted the cash register and found $400 had been taken.

Perkins police plan to review surveillance from the store to determine the men’s possible identities.



They might want to talk to Norwalk PD...they had a short change artist also. $100 bill for a bottle of bleach. But it was 2 men. Asked for change numerous times. They hit the Norwalk Kmart.


HOW does someone give a clerk a $100 bill and end up eventually getting a total of $400 back???.....I mean seriously, I have worked retail before, and if the clerk was THAT stupid to give them that much money back from the drawer, regardless if they were a money switch artist or not, maybe it was one of the clerks friends that "scammed" them out of $400!!!...I could see if it was like $10 or $20, but $400????? Doesn't seem right to me!!


This isn't unusual I have heard of people doing this before.


lmalley you are right. I know this happens but 400 bucks? Get real and either put store policies in place or enforce the ones you have. Try hiring those with brains may help too!


Re: "The man paid with a $100 bill, but asked for different change several times.

Reads like poor procedure.

Change at the register should be given for the initial transaction ONLY.

Subsequent change should be made at the service desk, by mgmt. or tell 'em to go to a bank.

Either the clerk did not follow procedure or mgmt's inept.

he said she said

I'm embarrassed to say that this happened to me years ago when I worked at a gas station. The person had only gotten $50 from me before I stopped and said enough. He was so good that when the managers watched the video themselves, they were confused also. They couldn't believe the person only got me for $50.

The person that does the short change does this so fast with so many different bills out that it does confuse the cashier. He can say give me change for this $20, so you have $20 in your head but they only give you a $5. Power of suggestion; you hear and see 20 but the bill is actually a 5.


Simple enough problem to solve. Change given for transaction only. Problem solved.


You can act like it could not happen to you, and that you are so smart, but a professional con man that is good will talk you right out that money before you even know what happened. Time you realize you might be getting took it has all ready been taken....


I realize that it can happen but to help avoid it, hold the bill they want change for or lay it on the register in front of you, do not give it back to the customer and do not put it in the drawer until after you have given them their change. Also do not let them lead the transaction; if they are trying to confuse you it is obvious and you should say stop; I am giving you change for this first, then we will move on to the next transaction or say we don't give change for large bills period.

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The Hero Zone

Those are good tips!

I always narrate my transactions by repeating what they are buying, how they are paying, the amount, and counting the change out after announcing what is coming back to them. It is both a service for them in case they were unsure of a price or didn't want to use that particular bill or credit card and a safety measure for me to make sure this doesn't happen on either side of the counter (cashiers make mistakes too or you hear of those rare but infamous drive-thru people who will pocket a few pennies from each car per day to take home extra cash from shorting customers who are too busy to count).

Good 2 B Me

I don't carry cash. No chance of me getting short changed!

It really does happen. Busy times are the best time to hit a place. They can take advantage of seasonal employees along with the cashiers being tired from long hours. It happens to the best. Don't knock it until you have walked on the other side of the counter!

red white and blue

Maybe there not paying 16 dollars an hour.There for not getting good help.Of course I'm being sarcastic.400 dollars does seem a little odd


they're not paying... and therefore not getting good help. I don't think this happened to an experienced cashier. I'd bet it was a fairly new person that was intimidated.


I believe part of this is failure on Best Buy's part to train the cashier properly. You never put money in the drawer until you have counted back the change and don't use the "dumb" computer to tell you what the change is, you could of typed the info in wrong or just not been paying attention. I have caught several "short change" artist at different jobs I have had and they never made off with anything other than what they were to get with change. Don't get frustrated, take your time, it could mean your job!