Couple faces cruelty charges after abandoned dogs found

A rural Fremont couple face charges of animal cruelty and abandonment after deputies found two dogs in their empty home last week.
Sandusky Register Staff
Dec 3, 2013


Amber Baker, 30, and Brock Davis, 28, will face four charges apiece — two each for the schnauzer mix and Labrador-pit bull mix Sandusky County deputies found in the trailer in the 1300 block of Ohio 523 Tuesday, Sandusky County humane officer Kelly Askins said.

When deputies went to the trailer to serve Baker and Davis eviction notices, they found the dogs in the home. Neighbors said they’d been left alone there for at least four days.

The animals were thin and hungry but otherwise in good health, Askins said.

“There was feces everywhere, as you can well imagine” she said. “They had eaten the couch, and it was all over. The place was covered in couch fuzz”

Askins had taken the dogs from Baker once before, but allowed her to take them back when she insisted she hadn’t abandoned them.

“I always try to educate people and work with them. I don’t want to file charges against them, but it ended up turning out pretty bad” she said.

Askins plans to file the charges in Sandusky County’s Woodville court later this week.



and unfortunately they won't get nearly enough punishment for this.


I say we save a lot of time, money, and trouble and just lock her in a room for a week. A room with no food or water. A room with no bathroom facilities, either. Since the dog did have another dog to suffer with, I'm totally okay with the idea of her boyfriend being locked in the room with her...

Stop It


mimi's word

Don't say they were in good spirits because Deertracker will say they were enjoying the alone time and were on a diet! (Sarcasm)


actually my words were going to be that the ignorant and inhumane would say to "mind your own business and don't waste tax dollars...after all, they were left a couch to munch on". *SMH*