U.S. Marshals arrest Antijuan Smith

A former Sandusky man who was recently added to the “Dangerous Dozen” list by the Northern Ohio U.S. Marshals district was arrested Friday in Columbus.
Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 30, 2013


Antijuan Smith, 40, is now being held in the Erie County jail on charges of kidnapping, assault, domestic violence, inducing panic, theft, menacing by stalking, intimidation of victim and telecommunications harassment, as well two counts of failing to appear in court, and a Sheffield Police warrant.

In September 2008, Smith allegedly forced an ex-girlfriend to drive him around town while carrying a knife and possible explosive device. Smith was waiting inside her vehicle when she left work, and he threatened to use his weapons on her if she didn’t comply with his demands, police said.

About one month later, Smith turned himself in on outstanding warrants for his alleged crimes but never showed up at court, a Sandusky police report said.

On Friday, U.S. Marshals caught him in Columbus, police said, and handed him over to Sandusky officers.

According to jail documents, Smith’s most recent address is listed in Columbus.



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It's funny how nobody wrote anything. Maybe the keys that spell "loser" are worn out in these blogs : )


funny!! I was just laughing at his name anti juan (Antoine)


You sure that's how its pronounced? Or you are assuming.

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"anti juan"

Maybe he just hates Mexicans : )


This man was cleared. Has anyone ever heard of people telling lies to get revenge?