Bar fight ends with stabbing

Two men accused of stabbing another man four times outside a downtown bar early Saturday morning remain incarcerated at the Erie County Jail.
Jessica Cuffman
Nov 24, 2013


Dustin Ramsey, 31, of Sandusky, and Joseph Moffitt, 31, of Monroeville, started yelling at two other men when they left the bar in the 100 block of Columbus Ave. at about 1:30 a.m., according to a Sandusky police report.

The short argument that followed ended when Jason Dendy, 32, of Sandusky, went to help one of his friends. Either Ramsey or Moffitt threatened to stab him, and the friend threw a punch, igniting a fight.

One of the men arrested stabbed Dendy four times when he was on the ground.

His girlfriend managed to pull him into a nearby Ford Expedition, then police arrived.

Firefighters removed Dendy’s bloodied shirts at the scene and left them in the street so they could treat his wounds before taking him to the hospital.

Officer Ernesto Hernandez followed firefighters to the hospital.

In the emergency room, he was able to see Dendy’s wounds: A large slash wound on the left side of his torso from his armpit to his rib cage, a smaller stab wound to his right chest area, a defensive wound on his left hand and another superficial wound to his abdomen.

Dendy was flown from there by medical helicopter to Cleveland MetroHealth Medical Center for treatment, where he remained late Saturday, stable, but in critical condition in intensive care, medical staff said.

Witnesses on Columbus Street Saturday morning pointed police to Ramsey and Moffitt as the men who instigated the fight, and police arrested them for disorderly conduct while intoxicated and fighting.

Officers later added charges of complicity to felonious assault for both of them, and Ramsey was charged with possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.



Pathetic white trash losers !


"White" trash~ here we go again

A Young Adult's...

These two sure look like model citizens. NOT. Close that P.O.S. Hole-in-the-wall Daly's down. They attract a less than stellar crowd. Easy to keep thugs out of bars: Use a dress code. No flat-billed hats, no underwear showing, etc. Works for bars in other cities.


No spike hair no guys with long ponytails. Etc.

Raoul Duke

So they'll say, "Wow man, Daly's is closed. What are we going to do now? Let's go home and get to bed so we can get an early start to church tomorrow..." Wrong.
My point of course, is that the bar isn't at fault. 100 other people drank there the same night and DIDN'T stab anyone.

A Young Adult's...

Actually, you are incorrect. The bar is to blame for the atmosphere that they allow and promote. Do you think it is a coincidence that there is always something in the news or blotter concerning in and around this place?

There's relatively nothing of this sort at Water Street directly across the street. Why? Because the atmosphere that they promote attracts crowds who do not cause as big of problems.

Stop It

Daly's was very cool when the lake/boater crowd used to hang out there. Of course, that was 25 to 30 years ago.

Now it's part of Lil Detroit.


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Brick Hamland

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yea right

then u need to open your eyes.. i have seen neck tats on men and woman.. you would be surprized how many profesionals have tats and piercings




Agree. I know people who have their kids or other family members on their neck that are working in a good professional job.

SanduskySlayer's picture

Jason Dendy and his drunken friends were the aggressors.They attacked(jumped) Dustin and Joe, then called the cops when they lost a fight of 5 on 2.Hood Rats VS Metal Heads. Metal heads always win.