UPDATE: Man stabbed in downtown Sandusky

Early morning brawl on Columbus Avenue sends one to hospital.
Shawn Foucher
Nov 23, 2013

UPDATE 2:28 p.m. — Joseph Moffitt, 31, of Monroeville, and Dustin Ramsey, 31, of Sandusky, are held at the Erie County Jail on $20,000 bonds for allegedly stabbing a man multiple times during a fight early Saturday morning.

Sandusky police arrested Moffitt and Ramsey at the scene, when witnesses pointed them out to police near the intersection of Water Street and Columbus Avenue.

Police said they attacked Jason Dendy, 32, who was flown by medical helicopter to Cleveland MetroHealth Medical Center, where he remained Saturday afternoon.

Moffitt and Ramsey are both charged with disorderly conduct fighting and complicity to felonious assault. Ramsey also is charged with possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.


ORIGINAL POST 2:20 a.m. — A man suffered at least two stab wounds to the abdomen Saturday morning in a brawl on Columbus Avenue downtown, Sandusky police said.

The victim's name was not immediately available. He was taken by ambulance to Firelands Regional Medical Center, and his condition was unknown.

Officers and firefighters were called to the area near Water Street and Columbus Avenue at about 1:45 a.m. 

Police said they have one person of interest in custody and they've also talked to a number of people who may have witnessed the attack. Officers bagged a few pieces of bloodied clothing found near the curbside, then cleared the scene about 45 minutes later. Additional details were not immediately available.

Check back later today for updates.



WTF Sandusky


I used to live downtown within walking distance to Daly's. I spent a lot of nights "closing the bar" and walked home. I do not recall as many fights, stabbings, or police calls back then. Something is wrong with the new "drinkers". Glad I am not part of that crowd anymore.


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let me guess one of the parties incolved has a name like dashawn or daquel or darious!

The Bizness

This may have been a fight between men of any race.


Or billybob, bobsue, johnbob. Or let me guess the all famous Dude.


We will see soon enough, i won't be suprised


We will see soon enough, i won't be suprised


.........or YoMamma


Feinstein better write up some Knife Control legislation!

Professor Playdoh

As a Columbus Street resident, I can’t wait to get my bunker done.

Azure Ray

The common denominator usually seems to be Daly's. Let's close it down!


You cannot punish the establishment because of actions of the patrons. It that was the case the catholic church would have been closed a long time ago for committing mass genocides.


The establishment's stock in trade is an atmosphere - anyone can put a beer in front of a customer, but bar patrons are very partisan about their watering holes. If a bar consistently attracts an undesirable element, the management bears some blame for that.


Closing Daly's down will not solve anything. The people causing the problem will just move elsewhere.

Raoul Duke

Nothing good ever happens after midnight...

Home Boy

Raoul....I've said the same thing for years, and I mean YEARS. Used to tell kids, young and old, if you're out after midnight you better be indoors at a very familiar place like that of a close friend or family member. And downtown Sandusky sure doesn't come into those categories. Frankly, I'm nervous about various parking areas down there even at 9:00 PM. but it's not just Sandusky. It's the "times". Lots of "tough guys" out there.

Simple Enough II

I see the news is back to usual!


If people would get out of this anything goes, do whatever you want, mindset and get back to having some respect and morals, doing what's right instead of whatever pops into their mind, we wouldn't have all this craziness going on every day. Even the everyday language is disrespectful to those of us who try to stay away from that. Completely void of respect for life or who they insult or hurt.


My feelings exactly kingd, if more kids got their butts spanked like we did then maybe the u.s.a. wouldn't be going to pot. I was spanked when little and so were my kids and they don't run around killing or injuring people over some stupid little thing. Kids and that includes 25 and under have no respect for anything now days. Took priority out of the hands of parents and now it's starting to take its toll. Not saying abuse your children, just show them who is the authority.


My wife spanked me last night

Simple Enough II

It is going to cost You on black Friday!


Black Friday nothing, she's out there now !


My wife spanked me last night




Maybe you don't see the respectful, hardworking, and smart young people because you are focused only on the "bad ones." There are plenty of great kids out there and I feel that different generations and age groups can work together and help each other get through a depressing economy and a world that isn't always pretty. Respect can't be pounded into anyone. It has to be mutually earned.


I agree ladyc, but the kids these days really do think they know everything and when you try to tell them anything you know nothing. There are some wonderful kids out there


Yep, sometimes they find it out for themselves later...I wish they weren't faced with the hard addicting drugs and the lack of jobs. Some of them may be annoying, but their future is real shaky right now.


Minus the drugs, i have one myself, it really stinks, gotta give them tough love when all else fails, just can't give up on them