Man scams construction company

The A.V. Lake Construction Co. was likely scammed out of $900 by a Sandusky man who promised to repair their parking lot.
Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 22, 2013


Brad Saylor, 30, 5100 block McCartney Road, was charged with theft.

Saylor conferenced with the Venice Road construction company’s employees multiple times before they awarded him the job of sealing and stripping their lot, according to a police report.

Even though employees were suspicious of the man at first, they were reassured after he walked them through his process and even met with the company’s owner.

But when employees handed over $900 upfront for supplies, Saylor immediately cashed the check and started ignoring their calls, the report said.

The city prosecutor authorized the theft charge, and Saylor was arrested earlier this week, the report said.



this is no surprise. he's been doing this for years.


Why would an established company not use a reputable sub-contractor? Daddy still can't let them boys make any decisions!


We also were a victim of this POS. Contacted authorities and filed theft charges a little over a month ago. He's still out and about scamming people.


I am kind of surprised, I like brad and totally disagree with your comments about him doing this for years...... yea right. I have known him since elementary school and haven't ever heard of him stealing ir ripping anyone off.


He could very well have every intention of doing these jobs, how do we know. It is possible to fall behind financially and him not intentionally be trying to steal from anyone.... things happen. If people are late paying bills and your using other peoples payments to get previous jobs materials and using other funds to try and get caught up. It happens everyday. He is guilty of not being organized and nit keeping in contact with his customers and letting them know what's going on... it a little different then a con or a scam...



Castalia an

He promised to do a Job for us also, after over a week of pushing him, I did meet him and get the material we paid for but he never showed or called to do the job. In my opinion he would have ripped us off if I wasn't so persistent!


He's a low life piece of white trash. If you think he's so innocent simply take a look at his record for Sandusky Municipal Court. He has a history of drug abuse and theft. He's stolen from him own family, the same family that has out a roof over his head for years now. He has no morals and no future. I hope the judge throws the book at him. His children would be better off without him.