Sexual assault under investigation

Sandusky County detectives learned a 24-year-old woman was sexually assaulted at a Hayes Avenue address early Wednesday morning.
Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 22, 2013


The woman went to Fremont Memorial Hospital for treatment, and Fremont police were initially called to the hospital.

Officers called deputies when the woman said the incident happened in the 3000 block of Hayes Ave. Sandusky County Detective Sean O’Connell said he would take over the case.

He requested copies of the Fremont reports be turned over to him for further review, according to a report.

No further details about the alleged assault were included in the initial incident report, and O’Connell did not return messages Thursday seeking information.



Hopefully the perp. Isn't anyone who Mr. O'Connell knows...because we all know how it may turn out if he does!....Can we say that there is a big possibility there won't even be an investigation or any justice for the victim?


Keep up the good work SCSO. Mistakes may have been made, but that doesn't mean you guys aren't GREAT people.


Lets see the initial investigation had the same outcome as the Ohio attorney generals investigation. just because you dont like the outcome of an investigation doesn't make it wrong.

A Young Adult's...

Because no one who comments here has ever made a mistake at work...

red white and blue

Bigdad they were the same because evidence was thrown away.I would hardley call that a great job.imalley77^^^ good point! And jmschmidt812 wow u must be part of this group! I wouldn't pat these guys on the back just yet


Your part of the growing group on here. You make statements based on assumptions with absolutely no evidence to prove that what you say has any merit. I'd pat these guys on the back anytime. Why? Because they are the last line of defense between order and chaos. Just for your entertainment, I work in a factory and I have no family in law enforcement.

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Not assumptions FACTS they threw away evidence witnesses have failed one lye detector test and were inconclusive on another this is just one case there have been many that have been botched. Not just law enforcement but prosecutors as well.As far as last line of defense your right they are they should take there job more serious instead of just brushing thru it.I happen to know a lot about sandusky county my family has been there for 5 generations it use to be a proud county but like so many others its as corrupt as the people that are committing the crimes.

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Trust me I use to beleave in the system but when its broke its broke its time to fix it start cracken down on these crimes leave no stone unturned treat every call like its life or death and after this last incident they should be trying to prove to the public they are here to protect ans serve


Maybe the Register could focus on their own county and city offices.


How about looking in to Water Department to make sure other slumlords are making payments. Or make sure that ALL of them have their property taxes up to date.