Family feud leads to stabbing

Argument over TV show escalates to violence.
Shawn Foucher
Nov 22, 2013


A Grant Avenue family feuding over a television program Wednesday evening found themselves embroiled in a domestic dispute that led to a stabbing, according to Perkins police.

The only person charged as of late Wednesday was stabbing victim Cedric Traylor, 29, who faces two counts of domestic violence and two counts of assault. Late in the evening Traylor was still at Firelands Regional Medical Center, where staff were treating a deep puncture wound on his left bicep, according to police.

Twin 13-year-old boys were in the home, and one of them allegedly stabbed Traylor, police said. Officers have forwarded the case to the prosecutor to determine if other charges should be filed.

The melee kicked off at about 7 p.m. when a 38-year-old woman and Traylor, her boyfriend, started arguing about a television show, Perkins police Officer Martin Curran said. The twin sons and their 19-year-old brother were in the home when the argument started.

It soon turned violent, with Traylor allegedly punching the older son in the face. One of the twins then plunged a knife into Traylor’s arm, police said. While Traylor and the 19-year-old were taken to the hospital, the twins and their mother were not injured.

Officers recovered a large kitchen knife from the scene, but they soon learned it was not the knife used in the assault, Curran said. Traylor’s puncture wound was deep, but the entry point was only the size of a dime.

“It went in several inches,” Curran said of the wound. “The knife we recovered was 1 1/2 to 2 inches wide. There’s no way it was the knife that was used.”

Just minutes after that call, officers scrambled to the 2600 block of Columbus Ave., where they cited Dorian Towner, 37, for criminal damaging. Towner allegedly punctured the tires on a woman’s SUV after the woman showed up at his home and began arguing.

“He says he doesn’t know how (the tires) got deflated,” Curran said. “You can see puncture marks on the tire walls.”

Perkins officers also responded Wednesday evening to a call at Columbus Park, where children were allegedly threatening each other with knives. Charges were not filed.



Someone better tell Buckeye Cable to shut off the Game Show Network!


Wheel? Gold Rush? Sport center? Colbert?

Raoul Duke

Cold steel, people remember.

Raoul Duke

How many of these problems involve some woman's stupid "boyfriend"? Everyone wants to blame the guy, but the woman deserves JUST AS MUCH of the blame for bringing these idiots into the family, good lord.

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"Traylor" trash : )

44870 South

oh my....all this violence in the utopia of Perkins?? Say it ain't so...


and the holidays haven't even begun yet.


We were teasing Cedric at work today at the Management Meeting. Things happen. I'm sure his XMAS bonus will make this go away.

William Jeffers...

The irony in all of this is the game show they were watching was "Family Feud".

William Jeffers...

...more irony, he was in "Jeopardy" for a while, but if the "Price is Right" bond will be posted prior to spinning the "Wheel of Fortune" known as our local judicial system and this "Love Connection" looks to be officially over.

A Young Adult's...


A Young Adult's...

Common theme of all of these stabbings? I'll let you draw your own conclusions.