Domestic dispute leads to standoff with police

A two-hour standoff with police ended with a husband and wife arrested at a Greenwich-area mobile home park.
Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 21, 2013


Vicky Stawicki, 37, 3700 block Ohio 224 East, called 911 at about 7:45 p.m. Monday after her husband pulled out a gun, threatened to kill himself, then pointed the weapon at her, Huron County Chief Deputy Ted Patrick said.

When deputies arrived they were able to remove Vicky Stawicki from the trailer, but her husband, Bruce Stawicki, 58, remained inside.

Vicky told police her husband was drunk and refused to come out, so Sheriff Dane Howard called for help from five other Huron and Richland County agencies to evacuate the nearby homes, to set a perimeter and to negotiate with Stawicki.

Inside the trailer, deputies could see him with a 0.22-caliber scoped rifle.

A negotiator from the Ontario Police Department was eventually able to talk Stawicki into coming out of the trailer and surrendering just before 10 p.m., Patrick said.

Deputies charged him with using weapons while intoxicated, inducing panic, disrupting public service and possession of drug paraphernalia.

His wife was charged with obstructing official business and disorderly conduct after she walked back toward the trailer and refused to leave when police were negotiating with her husband.

Vicky Stawicki was held for eight hours at the Huron County jail and was released when sober. Bruce Stawicki was sent to Firelands Regional Medical Center for a mental health evaluation.


sandtown born a...

What happened to flash bang grenades and shooting the guy? They need to take lessons fr Sandusky county


@ SR:

A much better written article than the one in the NR, wherein his supposed PTSD was disrespectfully made front and center.

"UPDATED: Local trailer park residents evacuated after Vietnam vet makes threats"


I must have missed the part about PTSD! He was drunk pooh. You know ALL about that!