Family shot at while collecting aluminum cans

A Fremont family’s Sunday-afternoon outing to collect aluminum cans came to an early end after a Gibsonburg resident allegedly unloaded a bullet into the side of their car, according to the family and a Sandusky County deputy’s report.
Courtney Astolfi
Nov 19, 2013


A Fremont woman and a man and his teenage son were together picking up aluminum cans along a roadside near Gibsonburg when the alleged confrontation broke out at about 2:15 p.m., according to the deputy’s report.

The man and his son frequently collect cans to pay for new fishing lures, the woman said, but their outing Sunday took an ugly turn when they reached County Road 55. The family pulled over when they spotted a can near a mailbox in front of a home situated about 300 feet from the road, the woman said.

As the woman was waiting nearby and the boy was sheltered on the other side of their vehicle, a man emerged from the home and began yelling at them to leave, the woman said.

When the woman noticed the man was armed, she sprang into action.

“I said, ‘Jesus Christ, he’s got a gun,’” she said. “I said, ‘go, go, get out of here.’”

The family jumped in their vehicle and began to speed off, but not before the angry gunman allegedly fired a shot at them.

“We started moving, and all of a sudden I hear this ping,” she said.

The bullet pierced the rear bumper. The woman provided the Register a photo of the bullet hole in her car.

Deputies later told the family the man would be charged criminally, the woman said. The deputy’s report did not indicate if the alleged gunman has been charged yet.

“You don’t just shoot at someone,” the woman said. “That’s insane. Insane.”

Fearing for her family’s safety, the woman asked not to be identified.


Bottom Line

Holy $#*! what the hell is wrong with that guy?

Stop It

I'd imagine that they will find out, Bottom Line.


Why am I NOT surprised?


That it wasn't an urban black man? Yup, we got white idiots in the country too.


I am not surprised it was some gun nut thinking he owns everything and can do what ever he wants!


Actually, he does own his property and it is legal to remove someone from your property as long as deadly force is not used. Unless of course the person you are removing is a threat to your life or there is a threat of serious bodily injury. Nonetheless that doesn't seem to be the case here and he should be charged...unless there is more to the story.

sandtown born a...

He should have been arrested immediately, and his name published. What a idiot


Cans for fishing lures sounds shakey at best. You would have 3 times the money in gas. Doesnt make sense.

Stop It

Given SCSO record, who cares?


Agree. I was thinking the same thing. LOL


A whole new level of

2cents's picture

Maybe he has been a victim of some theft crime, maybe people have been stealing his mail, therefor the response. The story will develop. I do like Tuff's comment about the fuel!

Just Thinkin

Not saying the shooting was right, but this is only one side of the story, spending $20. in gas for $ lures? 2 plus 2 just isn't adding right this time? I may be wrong but something seems missing at the ending of this fairy tail, my thought anyway


Some people just like to pick up trash, and is they can get a little cash for it, all the better. Not every thing people do is money motivated.


A pickup drove by my place the other day stopped in the street and the passenger got out and retrieved one beer can that someone had thrown there, too bad they didn't take the empty case that was laying there too.


Alot of people collect aluminum cans even if it isn't all that profitable. I thank them for cleaning up some of the mess left by inconsiderate litter bugs. Now if the guys next door would remember it's trash day this week and put out their trash to the curb for pickup. It's piling up.

Peninsula Pundit

The Register doesn't like anonymity, remember?
Where's this criminals name?
Since it happened at a residence, where's the address?
Oh yeah, anonymity is a bad thing.

sandtown born a...

The reason for collecting cans is not important but shooting into a occupied vehicle now that's a serious problem


I agree. Also I hate people that attack the victims. Who cares what their motives were unless they were doing something illegal; in which case I doubt they would have called the cops.


Yes, because we all know that the criminal NEVER calls the police on the real victim when said victim turns out to armed.


Plain and simple. You can only use deadly force to offset deadly force. Charge him with attempted murder. He had no control of that bullet once it left the gun. Let the court reduce it if they want.

Everyone is fam...

Maybe, just maybe, these parents are trying to teach their child they have to work to EARN the things they want. I know it's a crazy concept these days, but more people SHOULD make their kids earn the items they want. Even if it costs $20 in gas, it's worth the lesson.



Everyone is fam...

And yet your reply was so insightful and intelligent. Bravo :) You're right. It's easier to teach our kids to live off of welfare and feel entitled to hand outs.


Hence the call name BabyMomma.



Tiredofthe BS

I agree! Maybe a family just wants to do something productive together and everyone wants to ASSume!


I know a guy who goes out all the time picking up cans. He makes some decent cash doing it. Don't knock on someone trying to make an extra buck and showing their child that you have to work for things you want.