Police: Drunken man flees crash scene

A heavily intoxicated Sandusky man was arrested for fleeing the scene of an accident Friday morning on Reese Street.
Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 17, 2013


Maxwell Walski, 21, 1000 block Columbus Ave., was charged with operating a vehicle under the influence, failure to control motor vehicle, leaving the scene of an accident and drug abuse.

A woman watched Walski’s Ford Taurus clip her parked car’s side mirror on Reese Street Friday, at 11:22 a.m. according to a Sandusky police report. She then saw the Taurus pass by a second time and relayed license plate information to police, the report said.

Officers tracked the vehicle to Walski’s home right as he was stepping out of the car. Officers also noticed paint scuff marks on the car, consistent with the parked vehicle’s damage. When asked for his insurance information, Walski allegedly handed over an oil change receipt.

When asked to recite the alphabet, Walski only made it to letter C before forgetting the rest, the report said.

Two breath tests listed Walski’s blood-alcohol content at.255% and .247%, the report said. Officers confiscated two bottles containing marijuana in Walski’s pocket and allowed a sober person to drive him home, the report said.


he said she said

"Officers tracked the vehicle to Walski’s home right as he was stepping out of the car".

"...allowed a sober person to drive him home".

If he was in front of his own home, why would a sober person be needed to drive him home??


He was probably taken to the police station, tested and cited, and then released to the sober person.


good question. he should have known what comes after C-after all the D's he got in school!