Teacher arrested for sex with student

An EHOVE Career Center teacher was arrested Thursday for having an ongoing sexual relationship with his 16-year-old student late last year, deputies said.
Courtney Astolfi
Nov 15, 2013
Michael Edwards, 47, of the 1200 block of Wickford Place in Huron, was charged Thursday with one count of sexual battery, a thirddegree felony.

Edwards allegedly had sex with the girl numerous times starting in fall 2012 and ending sometime before the new year, ErieCounty Detective Dennis Papineau said. The pair would have sex in buildings and vehicles at various locations around the county — Sandusky, Huron, Milan Township and, at times, his family’s Wickford Place home, Papineau said.    Edwards even touched the girl inappropriately inside the school at least once, Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth said.

The encounters appear to be consensual, and deputies said they have no reason to suspect the acts were coercive. Still, Edwards’ position of authority ultimately landed him the charges, Sigsworth said.

On Thursday, Erie County deputies interviewed the Milan-area girl he had sex with — she is now 17— as well as a 17-year-old Monroeville-area student who received sexually suggestive text messages from Edwards during this school year, Papineau said.

“Based on the text messages we reviewed, he was pursuing it and she wanted nothing to do with it,” Papineau said of the Monroeville girl.

But that is not how Edwards’ relationship with the Milan girl played out late last year, deputies said. Edwards and the girl initially shared a friendship and began texting one another, but those exchanges quickly escalated to sexually suggestive messages, Papineau said.

The allegations came to light when school officials received an anonymous letter detailing Edwards’ conduct, Erie County Chief Deputy Jared Oliver said. That information was then passed on to the school’s resource officer and Erie County Children’s Services on Wednesday. Between then and Edwards’ arrest at about 4 p.m. Thursday, deputies conducted interviews with both girls.

“Based off those interviews, we had enough probable cause to arrest him,” Oliver said.

“This became a top priority for (our detectives) after we were notified yesterday,” Sigsworth said. “You need to get on something like that as quickly as you can.”

Edwards has since been placed on paid administrative leave pending further investigation, EHOVE superintendent Sharon Mastroianni said.

“EHOVE is always concerned about student and staff safety,” Mastroianni said. “When we hear news like this, we act immediately and take appropriate action.”

Edwards remains in the Erie County jail without bond.



"I am not saying this is corrupt police investigation though, but I am concerned with the media's slant and interpretation of the facts being presented to these people who are easily swayed the wrong way and thus could ultimately hurt this person and entity if found innocent."

When I went to high school decades ago, there were many rumors about teachers having sexual relations with students. I don't recall any newspapers writing about it. Maybe it wasn't a big deal back then.

I have noticed that some people are not mentioned in the news media if they are accused of a crime while others get their mugshot plastered on newspapers and news sites and the people who comment become judge and jury.

Here is a word to study and I don't mean what the judicial courts give out to those convicted.


1)distraction: something that takes somebody's attention away from something else
2) Something that distracts the mind and relaxes or entertains.
3. A maneuver that draws the attention of an opponent away from a planned point of action, especially as part of military strategy.

Sometimes the news media will distract the readers. Prosecutors will often use diversion against innocent people while they let the guilty get a free pass.

The point that I am making is if a proper and thorough investigation took place against those accused of a crime. In some cases, a thorough investigation was ignored. In other cases like the marijuana charges in Ottawa County, Ohio the evidence was "manufactured" by corrupt police yet no charges against the corrupt police.

"I was writing the particular above comment to figure out how people can place blame on an employer for the private actions of one of their employees. I do not understand this concept."

You will find that private business, government, soldiers and law enforcement will blame innocent people or do illegal acts. A bad apple doesn't mean that all are bad. I have read about EHOVE and it is an awesome school. Many of the teachers are very honest.

What bothers me is a previous comment of yours where you mentioned that the administrators decide who get charged and those who do not.

Fri, 11/15/2013 - 1:32pm

Becuase EHOVE Admins have the ability to dictate who gets prosecuted and who doesn't? They also get to dictate who is investigated or found guilty too I guess.

Your OWN linked article above stated that Super. Sharon Mastroianni was not informed of any of the investigation other than they wanted his employment file. They were not aware of the charges being investigated against him.
QUOTE: "Becuase EHOVE Admins have the ability to dictate who gets prosecuted and who doesn't? They also get to dictate who is investigated or found guilty too I guess." UNQUOTE

"Becuase EHOVE Admins have the ability to dictate who gets prosecuted and who doesn't? They also get to dictate who is investigated or found guilty too I guess."

This bothers me.


I don't think I was as clear as I wanted to be with that comment. I was asking a question to wether they believe that the administration is the one who decides if their employee is charged or if they influence the investigation or the people who are investigating. I don't believe EHOVE would do this nor do they have the power to sweep an investigation like this under the rug. Especially now. However some people I think believe that they have some say in what goes on with this and maybe protecting their staff.

I do think diversion is used. It can be used to the DA or police investigators benefit or it can be detrimental. This paper also uses it to set an agenda and cause rifts within the public and cause outrage.

I have worked with the Ehove staff on numerous occasions and they hold EHOVE the school, the students, and the good they can and will do higher than anything else and would not stand for this kind of behavior or activities.

Julie R.

Three teachers from one school. One in 2005 that was obviously swept under the rug, another in 2010 that obviously went no where .... and now this one.

Sorry, but something is wrong at that school. Something else for sure is wrong, too. How did the other two ever get away with it?


And we know that they were swept under the rug how? Maybe, just maybe they were actually innocent. The one in 2010 does seem fishy though, but I don't automatically assume guilt with little to no actual facts. You are pulling your information from a slanted, biased media source who has only one purpose, make money. Why would they follow up with a innocent story when they can post a story about someone else being investigated to let people pitchfork with guilty verdicts without actual facts and make money on page views, ads and subscriptions.

How is something wrong at the school? I guess it is full of sexual predators and "questionable" students. EHOVE is not what it was 20 years ago, it is not a place to ship off the undesirables. I guess EHOVE has the power to determine investigations and verdicts now.


Blaming the student is no more reasonable than blaming an old person who gets conned by a "handyman" who slowly persuades her to give him the money in her savings account.

People who do what this guy is accused of gradually gain the trust of the person who is their target. They befriend them. They gain their trust. They isolate them. Then they exploit them. It doesn't matter if the exploitation is financial or in this case sexual, the method is the same. Put it this way, they screw with their heads first.


And they focus on the insecure and vulnerable.


I clicked on the Facebook link and am sickened by what I am reading. Several people saying it's not rape because she consented, saying it can't be true because he never acted that way around them, and so forth. I am taken back that a mother of a former student says "but I think he would have used discretion if he was having an affair with a 16 year old. People should hear from the young lady and the chef before judgment is passed" WTH? Granted, he has only been charged but the text messages had to have been pretty graphic for the sheriff's department to arrest him. It's not like 30 years ago with he said she said. Technology records a lot of activity today. Bottom line is she is a minor and he is in his forties. Let's stop blaming the kid for the adult's behavior.


The article mentions a 17 year old student from Monroeville received sexually suggestive text messages from Edwards this year and the detective read them. This alone calls for his arrest and termination. Why in the world is a teacher texting a student? Why is a teacher having a sexually suggestive conversation with a student?

Tsu Dho Nimh

If this teacher is guilty of any of the charges, there is no justification for it and only he is responsible for his actions, no one else.

Julie R.

What would a 16-year-old possibly see in somebody thirty-one years older than her ---- not to mention, he sure is no George Clooney!

Tsu Dho Nimh

Someone who is kind to her, someone who makes her feel special, someone who tells her that she is not like the other girls - she is mature for her age...a girl having a crush on a teacher is natural, a teacher finding the student sexually arousing is sick!

Dudley Do-Right

Tsu Dho Nimh you are correct that is what predators do, establish a relationship and then move in for the kill. Julie R. he isn't George Clooney but the mug shot of him isn't a very good image of him either.


if I remember correctly he has this habit....when he taught at Sandusky for the brass lantern then the blue streak café...before he went to ehove...so im glad he will finally hopefully get the help and leave these girls alone

Dudley Do-Right

I don't want to defend this guy, what he has done is wrong on so many levels but you are confused about his years at Sandusky. He did teach at Sandusky prior to EHOVE but there was never any allegations, rumors, or hints that he did anything inappropriate while he was there. There was an individual after him that was inappropriate and that situation was dealt with and the teacher's contract and license were terminated.


actually no im not wrong...yes there was one after him as well but he did things back then too....

Dudley Do-Right

I am sorry to hear that students have been dealing with this perv for 20 years. Common sense says the one you get caught with isn't the first one.

danbury dad

One thing IO never understood is why they placed him on paid administrative leave until further investigation. If found guilty do the taxpayers get their money back? Why are we paying for a job he is not performing as well as cost of replacing him. Before you jump on me about innocent until proven guilty, I get all that and strongly agree . In the private sector if I get arrested I have no job and no pay. Why shouldn't Public workers be held to the same practice. Just wondering.

Tsu Dho Nimh

It is part of his due process as spelled out in the Ohio Revised Code. After following a few more steps, he can then be suspended without pay while the investigation continues.


While I will say that getting any real evidence from a newspaper article is a longshot but getting any information from a Facebook feed is worse and extremely less accurate. That being said...I find it very interesting that everyone wants to take what is written in the newspaper/ facebook as the absolute truth. EVIDENCE DEMANDS A VERDICT... and if the evidence is true then let the system convict to full extent of the law.

What does a case in 2005 or 2010 have to do with what is in the paper today?

In the case that happened in 2005... for the records it stands as "Not Guilty" Regardless of what anyone else thinks. Regardless of what you read in this paper or on Facebook.

As far as the case in 2010. No Evidence. Not enough to go forward with any case. Again... regardless what you think or read in the paper or on Facebook there wasn't enough evidence to make a traffic ticket stick.

Why slander these people that have faced a judge and been FOUND not guilty? What does it have to do with the current situation? There is a reason why the Sandusky Register didn't print retractions and the truth about what the results were in the 2005 and 2010 cases. It would not sell newspapers.

The same is true in the public convicting of the Administration of EHOVE. I find it hard to believe that anyone on the Administrative Staff of EHOVE wants to allow any type of this stuff happening on their watch. It is stupid to think that they are ecouraging it or "allowing" it to happen as some of you infer.

If this teacher is guilty... then convict. If there is FOUND evidence that the Administration was allowing it to happen... then convict.

Leave those that have not been convicted of any crime and have been found innocent alone.


But, but, but we need to hold everyone accountable for the actions of one! They just have known! They know everything! They control everything!

The above is sarcasm. I agree 100% with what you said. Everyone here is judge, jury, and executioner with a one sided, biased, in complete view of the facts for not just this case but the other 2 cases mentioned.


I was just simply saying what I remember. I have no problem with Ehove as a school but I do remember things not being handled right in 2005. I remember it take months for the school to take action. I was just simply thinking this may be the case here. And I'm not the only one who remembers this.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Assuming you are correct about the 2005 situation, we have a different administration team today. It appears they are handling this situation correctly so far

Dudley Do-Right

I am amazed people can ignore the text message or messages. Yes the acts of sex are he said, she said and must be investigated to prove their validity. But the detectives can verify the text messages, their content and their source. TEACHERS HAVE NO BUSINESS TEXTING STUDENTS AND TEXTING SEXUAL CONTENT IS REASON TO TERMINATE AND PRESS CRIMINAL CHARGES.


Teachers have preyed on students for years, in schools and colleges, but when the administration fails to act, then they should be accountable as well. Sandusky High School allowed Terry Wilson to run unchecked for years. He retired and went on to work with other kids through EHOESC.


Too bad you removed that post. Check him out Matt. Wonder just how much damage the pathetic little man did to the young girls of Sandusky High


I was one of Chef E student's at EHOVE in '08. He was a great teacher when I had him. Find it hard to believe he did this. Makes me upset he always was one to yell at us if we broke the law. So many student looked up to him as a roll model including myself. EHOVE is a great school I learned to become myself and not care what people thinks as long as I love the profession Im in. Dont judge EHOVE because of one bad teacher!!!!!!!!! Look at Perkins They had a teacher get in trouble about 4 yrs ago and im sure most of your kids go there.