Teacher arrested for sex with student

An EHOVE Career Center teacher was arrested Thursday for having an ongoing sexual relationship with his 16-year-old student late last year, deputies said.
Courtney Astolfi
Nov 15, 2013
Michael Edwards, 47, of the 1200 block of Wickford Place in Huron, was charged Thursday with one count of sexual battery, a thirddegree felony.

Edwards allegedly had sex with the girl numerous times starting in fall 2012 and ending sometime before the new year, ErieCounty Detective Dennis Papineau said. The pair would have sex in buildings and vehicles at various locations around the county — Sandusky, Huron, Milan Township and, at times, his family’s Wickford Place home, Papineau said.    Edwards even touched the girl inappropriately inside the school at least once, Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth said.

The encounters appear to be consensual, and deputies said they have no reason to suspect the acts were coercive. Still, Edwards’ position of authority ultimately landed him the charges, Sigsworth said.

On Thursday, Erie County deputies interviewed the Milan-area girl he had sex with — she is now 17— as well as a 17-year-old Monroeville-area student who received sexually suggestive text messages from Edwards during this school year, Papineau said.

“Based on the text messages we reviewed, he was pursuing it and she wanted nothing to do with it,” Papineau said of the Monroeville girl.

But that is not how Edwards’ relationship with the Milan girl played out late last year, deputies said. Edwards and the girl initially shared a friendship and began texting one another, but those exchanges quickly escalated to sexually suggestive messages, Papineau said.

The allegations came to light when school officials received an anonymous letter detailing Edwards’ conduct, Erie County Chief Deputy Jared Oliver said. That information was then passed on to the school’s resource officer and Erie County Children’s Services on Wednesday. Between then and Edwards’ arrest at about 4 p.m. Thursday, deputies conducted interviews with both girls.

“Based off those interviews, we had enough probable cause to arrest him,” Oliver said.

“This became a top priority for (our detectives) after we were notified yesterday,” Sigsworth said. “You need to get on something like that as quickly as you can.”

Edwards has since been placed on paid administrative leave pending further investigation, EHOVE superintendent Sharon Mastroianni said.

“EHOVE is always concerned about student and staff safety,” Mastroianni said. “When we hear news like this, we act immediately and take appropriate action.”

Edwards remains in the Erie County jail without bond.



Only someone who has personal gain or connections would post what you said.

It shows by EVIDENCE that instead of EHOVE having a strong offensive objective against this type of crime they instead do their best to cover it up.

EHOVE needs to stop the attitude that we can have a good time here and get authoritative against these crimes. Then when they do happen they need to be aggressive in promoting criminal actions instead of sweeping them under the rug.


EVIDENCE? What evidence? The fact that the SR did not follow up with stories of the not guilty verdicts or not enough evidence conclusions? You are jot getting the full story and are getting your facts from a biased, money grabbing source. You said in another comment that it was all about the money. The same here with this story. It sells papers.

Yes I do have a personal connection to Ehove. I am a graduate and I have helped the adminstration with different things. What they have done for so many students is remarkable and should have the opportunity to continue doing what they do best without the public slandering them for things they do not control. I would not be where I am today without EHOVE.

So get off your horse and actually get facts from all sides and maybe open your eyes to the good that EHOVE does before you call for the dismantle of a fine educational institution.


I agree this goes on way too much at Ehove it's sickening. I attended Ehove and graduated in 2005. I remember the last link you posted going on while I attended the school. I'm not sure how things played out in the end for that case but I recall it took Ehove months to do anything about it. I even remember my teacher saying it was wrong for a teacher to talk to his student the way he did and to be with her outside of school and this was months before the school decided to anything. It was horrible. If students and faculty are bring things to the administrators attention and nothing is done they are just as much to blame. Who knows how long they knew what happened to this poor girl.


If what you say is true the ADMINISTRATION SHOULD BE CHARGED with child endangerment!

I'm beginning to really dislike those in charge at that 'school'.


We were just talking about this about an hour ago. My husband and a bunch of friends are working on putting a fence in our yard and they brought up the same thing maybe the administration that allows this needs to be charged. I think it's about time the police stop looking at all the students as idiots and start asking what they know and get some answers.


Do you even know who is in charge of that 'school' as you put it?

Side note: what do you mean by 'school'? Do you think Ehove is not a school?


EHOVE is a quality school that takes the best interest of everyone and makes good decisions for all parties. The worst thing about these articles and posting of peoples opinions is that many of these statements are from people who have blinders on like a racehorse on the track. Many teachers at EHOVE and other schools buy kids lunch and clothes because a parent has kicked them out of the house and they live on the street. As soon as you say "EHOVE" you are defaming a while institution. I don't care who you are that is not an intelligent statement to me making. I also want to point out that the Norwalk paper and this paper have reported this differently. This is the first factual evidence that stories differ so how do you choose which one is correct? Wait to form negative opinions until the truth is presented in court.


It's about time he got caught. I was a student of his that graduated in 2004. He would write sexually explicit letters to a girl in my class. He would give them to her in the beginning of class and then make her throw them away in front of him in his office. She would tell us about every letter, and even read one in the locker room. When she told him she was going to tell he asked her who they would believe, her, a 16 year old slut, or him, a member of the faculty... He's been doing this a looong time.


Perhaps others will step forward and share what they know or experienced, now that they are adults they should no longer be afraid.


You didn't report this why? You feel that now is a great time to bring it up to add fuel to the fire?

I am not saying anything bad about you or defending him. When I was a student (other class) I never did have the right feeling about him and this doesn't really surprise me. I'm just curious as to why so many others are now bringing this to light.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Kids do not typically have the courage to go to adults, especially if they have some type of power. They feel like no one will believe them and then there is the fear of retaliation from the accused or other students. Check out the FB page. So many students are posting ugly things about the girl who is involved. After reading it, would you as a kid, want to have this directed toward you?


Which makes sense. I refuse to visit that page though.

Julie R.

So whatever happened with the allegations from 2010 against the teacher Ned McElfresh and why was the one from 2005 kept a secret? Why was his name withheld?

Obviously, there's a real problem at EHOVE. One maybe ....... but THREE?


Oh Boy, Lets mark EHOVE as the sexual deviant school and shut it down!
What exactly are the Administrators suppose to do? Install cameras and tracking software on all of their employees to make sure they are up to snuff during their entire tenure at the school? You know, just to make sure they are not up to anything bad.

Exactly how are you going to identify these people who do this beforehand with no criminal history? Maybe hire a PI to follow them for 5 years before hiring them? Sounds like a great use of Tax dollars.

So annoyed at people blaming EHOVE (and other School Districts) for the mistakes/actions of its employees and students.







Wrongly Accused or Innocent?

Wrongly Accused or Innocent?

Wrongly Accused or Innocent?

Wrongly Accused or Innocent?


Chill bnjjad. Perhaps you are taking my comments the wrong way. I am an advocate of innocent people who are victims of corrupt police, prosecutors and judges.

QUESTION: What is your point?


Becuase EHOVE Admins have the ability to dictate who gets prosecuted and who doesn't? They also get to dictate who is investigated or found guilty too I guess.

Your OWN linked article above stated that Super. Sharon Mastroianni was not informed of any of the investigation other than they wanted his employment file. They were not aware of the charges being investigated against him.


I agree with you 100%. I loved EHOVE and thought it was a great school. Just because this is happening here doesn't mean this is the only school. I have heard about it many times. I do not place any blame on the girls at all but girls these days that are 15,16,17 don't look like they use to they look like they are in their 20s and some act like it and act out of control. It is not EHOVEs fought that they have some bad seeds and some students that should of said No and reported it right away, This story is wrong in so many ways but defiantly not EHOVEs fought,


What are they to do? READ THE COMMENTS, this forum is FuLL of posts where people stated EHOVE covered things up! Why is EHOVE not aggressive in a PROACTIVE manor and aggressive against those they know to have committed the crime?



MAYBE some of these people who knew about this should have done something about it. Not one person here who "knew" him has said they told someone. How is the administration going to do something if nobody tells them?

How can you be proactive with a crime like this? Go to every student and ask? "Are you sexually involved with a teacher against your will?". Because that will work.

EDIT: and you are trusting annoyomous people for facts. Not exactly a trustworthy source here.


Ned must have gotten a free pass from prosecution.

(Release date: 4/6/2012)
"Resolution to accept the voluntary surrender and to enter an order to permanently revoke the five-year professional career technical license of Ned M. McElfresh – EHOVE Joint Vocational School District (Erie County)"


I believe that the teacher in 2005 was investigated and found to be innocent. I glade the name was not printed.


They don't want to have a bad image because they want the levies to pass.

Its ALL about the money, the he*ll with the children.
The lawyer of the NEA actually said this:

"Its NOT about the children, its not about the education they receive, its about POWER, MONEY"
great to know your dropping your kids off there to be sexually abused by its teachers!

Now people are saying its the KIDS FAULT. Only those 'adults' with ingrained perversion themselves would blame this girl.


And now the whole school is filled with sexual abusers? Really? And now everyone who wants to put some of the blame on the consentual teenager are perverse as well? They probably watch porn on the internet too right?

You should probably never leave your home. Never know what people would be thinking about you.


I hate to say it, but the school is at much fault in not catching this relationship as the local catholic church is on not knowing about the priests that have had relationships with parish members. I realize that small children didn't know it was wrong, but maybe this child (age 16) didn't think it was wrong either. Either way, if you blame the church, you have to blame the school. The sad part is that the adults are the ones who are "sick".


Exactly how is a School Administration, with over 800 Students and 100 staff members going to catch one Adult and 1 student (maybe 2 in this case) having an improper relationship? Are they going to monitor all cell phones of all students/staff 24/7/365 for the entire duration of their enrollment/employment? Other than 1 possible incident this was all done off school property and time according to the facts so far.



What is your point? I am a strong supporter of schools that teach skills.

I am also an advocate of innocent people who are victims of corrupt police, prosecutors and judges.

I am also an advocate for truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

What exactly is your argument? Perhaps I am on your side or maybe not.

Please explain your belief or opinion on this story.


I believe we are on the same side, I am taking your comments the wrong way apparently. I do not want people slandered in the media for something that they have yet to be proven guilty of. I also do not want EHOVE's reputation to suffer for the private thoughts and actions of one of its employees. I am not saying this is corrupt police investigation though, but I am concerned with the media's slant and interpretation of the facts being presented to these people who are easily swayed the wrong way and thus could ultimately hurt this person and entity if found innocent.

I was writing the particular above comment to figure out how people can place blame on an employer for the private actions of one of their employees. I do not understand this concept.

Again, I am sorry if it seems I was battling you, I did not understand your original point.