Police: Woman stabbed brother

Katelyn Taylor, 18, charged with felonious assault.
Jessica Cuffman
Nov 13, 2013


An 18-year-old Norwalk woman faces a felonious assault charge for allegedly stabbing her brother during an argument Monday.

Norwalk police arrested Katelyn Taylor after she admitted to the assault, Norwalk police Detective Jim Fulton said.

Katelyn’s brother, Kyle Taylor, 20, called 911 from their apartment in the 400 block of South Old State Road at about 5 p.m. and told police he’d been stabbed. When officers arrived, he refused to tell them what happened. He was taken to Fisher-Titus Medical Center for treatment, where doctors said he had a punctured lung.

While police were still at the apartment, Katelyn returned home and officers started questioning her. When she took off her jacket, they spotted some blood on her white sweatshirt.

“From the get-go, we suspected she was the person that committed the crime,” Fulton said.

Later at the hospital, Kyle told officers it was his sister who stabbed him with a small kitchen knife. Their mother, Gwendolyn O’Donnell, also later told police she was there during an argument and her daughter stabbed her son, police said.

“We can speculate, it was a disagreement, all of them were involved in it,” Fulton said. “Katelyn had been cussing, disrespecting the mother, and Kyle told her she needed to control herself and treat her mother right.”

The comment allegedly prompted Katelyn to stab her brother.

Police obtained a warrant to search the home, and they found the knife they suspect Katelyn allegedly used to stab her brother.



OK Perkinites, start ripping Norwalk now.

Peninsula Pundit

Most Perkinites 'moved on up' from Norwalk in the first place.


Why the long face honey ? Haha !


Katelyn has a problem that should have been addressed way before the age of 18.


I wonder why there was no mention of this in the NORWALK paper?


Because it didn't involve Heroin or a sex crime. Most know that unless it includes either of those elements, it isn't news for the reflector.


ladydye_5, I've noticed a lot of stories that we can read in the Register & not in the Reflector..It's actually pretty stupid..KnuckleDragger, I agree with you..Katelyn, disrespecting your mother is wrong,your brother was pointing that out to you..Now look at what you have done..All 3 of your lives are forever changed..I hope you finally get the help you need..This just wasn't the way to get it..

Good 2 B Me

Every Generation says that this next is going to doom humanity.

The kids are like Zombies with their phones and iPods. Video Games comsume them. So many stories of drugs, rape, murder and more.

Many of them are prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse, yet have no job.

The parents fear the kids. The kids simply call 911 and the parent is in jail. We need to find a way to get the kids in line and help them reshape their future! The world is their oyster, but so many of them never see that, they just sit in the basement and play video games!

Come on kids, let's get it together!




I don't know any kids like that. Most of the kids I know are involved in numerous extracurricular school activities and have summer jobs. Where do you live that the kids are like what you describe?


What world do you live in? Most kids these days are very mature for their age and most have jobs! What you just posted was a very inaccurate representation of the next generation. There just always has to be something for people to be all fired up over! When in reality the parents are at fault for the small fraction of the younger generation that act like your so informative representation because they were handed everything and were raised with a silver spoon in there mouth! Kids don't just become selfish and lazy individuals, they learn it from somewhere.


And i would also like to add that electronics are a thing now. Everyone needs to stop living in the past and believing that electronics are "consuming" the younger generation. Its not consuming anyone people are just to uneducated about what electronics can do for us to even give it a chance. Electronics are a thing of the future and they will never go away so can everyone please stop putting the blame on everything else? And oh the poor parents so scared of their kids. IF THEY WERE RAISED PROPERLY IN THE FIRST PLACE THAN THEY WOULDN'T HAVE TO FEAR THEM! But no some parents who neglect their kids are too worried about when they will get their next fill raising their children because unimportant. So should we really be saying poor parents going to get thrown in jail! No because chances are they belong there in the first place if their child was raised to be so outrageous to go and call 9-1-1 if they don't get what they want!

Stop It

Not trying to be mean or anything, but something about that girl doesn't look right. Her eyes are blank, or something. If they have firearms in that family, I hope to God they lock them away from her.


This does not surprise me one bit! She always gave me the creeps! I agree with the person who said she needed some things addressed yrs ago! Her eyes are blank and she has no conscience! She will throw anyone under the bus for her own benefit ... In her defense ... Mama raised her that way!


I know Katelyn she was one of my best friends. I know she needs help but you people don't know her shes been through a lot in her life. I just hope this will get better.