Troopers arrest man with $26K worth of tobacco

A Friday afternoon traffic stop on the Ohio Turnpike netted troopers an arrest and $26,000 worth of illegal tobacco.
Jessica Cuffman
Nov 12, 2013


A trooper from the Swanton post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol stopped a Chevy Express van at the turnpike plaza near Woodville at about 3 p.m., after discovering the license plate number didn’t match the description of the vehicle to which it was registered, Sgt. Robert Sellers said.

The driver, Mohammed Zoubi, 37, of Norridge, Ill., and the passenger, Adrian Jacobo, no age given, from Mexico, had no plausible explanation for why they were carrying cases of miniature cigars lacking required tax stamps.

“The van was loaded from the front to the back with Swisher Sweets and White Owl cigars,” Sellers said.

Each packet of tobacco is required to carry a stamp that shows it has been properly taxed.

Finding boxes upon boxes that lacked those markings, troopers summoned help from department of taxation agents to investigate the contraband. In total, they seized 10 cases of Swisher Sweets and 95 cases of White Owls.

Zoubi, as the driver, was charged with distribution of tobacco with intent to sell and consent to transport tobacco without a permit. He was booked into the Sandusky County jail early Saturday morning and he is scheduled to appear in Sandusky County Common Pleas Woodville court Tuesday morning, Sellers said.

Jacobo, a Mexican national, was taken into custody by U.S. Border Patrol agents on an immigration violation. Where he was taken or where he is now remains unknown.


Darwin's choice

He would have gotten off easier if he would have been carrying pot....!

Capt. Ford

I agree with you, they get much more pissy about tax evasion.

Really are you ...

That trooper must smoke a lot of cigars to... A tax stamp? What does this stamp look like so I know if my Marlboro full flavors have been taxed the right way.


it is on the bottom of your cigs the plastic wrapper looks like ohio says ohio tax paid with a #


The stamp is on the bottom of your cellophane. It is shaped like the state of Ohio with coding on it


I like the part where we got rid of another illegal alien


My day will be complete if they ship the towel head back to…

Big Momma

Back to where? Illinois?


amen Jerry


I hope I don't get stopped by that trooper. I buy my smokes from a military base, hence, no tax stamps.

Stop It

I'm guessin' you'll be ok as long as you don't have a truckload of 'em and show him your military ID.


Lol, you are right. I can't remember the last time I filled a van from front to back with cigars from the base.


JERRY from SANDUSKY, they will ship him back, but I'm sure he will slither back into the states some how..They always do..