Man doesn’t have to wait for court date

A Sandusky man’s concealed weapons violation was dismissed at the Sandusky Municipal Court last week.
Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 8, 2013


Paul Bratton, 37, 6100 block Mason Road, went to the municipal court with his wife on the morning of Oct. 28, with his spring-release pocket knife in tow, according to a Sandusky police report.

Bratton took the weapon from his pocket when he went through the facility’s metal detector, and Sandusky officers promptly charged him with the concealed weapons violation, the report said.

Bratton then immediately walked over to the court to appear before Judge Erich O’Brien on his charge, Bratton said.

At the request of the prosecutor, his charge was dismissed, according to court documents. His knife, meanwhile, was confiscated by the police department, the documents stated.


Good 2 B Me

Did he at least get his knife back?

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Did you read the article?

Good 2 B Me

Sure did. Did you?

It says: "His knife, meanwhile, was confiscated by the police department, the documents stated."

That was what happened when SPD took it. After his charges were dismissed, they never mention it.

Molon Labe

Probably not. It is illegal for you to possess a knife that is "automatic" unless you are a law enforcement officer, fire/ems, or military.


Not true... the only knife actually dwemws illegal in totality in Ohio is a butterfly knife. It may be illegal to buy sell or manufacture an auto mastic knife in this state but as long as it meets the guidelines that determine if a knife is a tool rather than an instrument with the only purpose of harming a person its ok to carry.

Now debating the guidelines on length and what not can usually cause the charges to be dropped in the case of pocket knives. More or less a double edge is the only game ender. Even a whether hunting knife is technically legal under the tool guidelines.


It is true what Molon Labe said. I also know from speaking with local law enforcement.

sandtown born a...

A spring assist is just that assisted not automatic, it's legal to carry non autos. Automatics or double edge blades can be carried by non law enforcement/military personnel only


Bunch of Philadelphia lawyers on here today.


I wish this would never of been in the newspaper, I made a mistake and am paying deeply for it! I'm truly sorry to friends and family for the pain I've caused them! It's time to turn my life around! God bless

Good 2 B Me

Did you get your knife back?