Lorain man ordered to repay scam victims

A former Lorain man who scammed Catawba Island and Danbury Township residents by promising to make repairs to their homes but never performed the work has been ordered to pay about $22,000 back to the several victims.
Jessica Cuffman
Nov 7, 2013


Johnathan Trunk, 26, now of Huron, was accused of soliciting thousands of dollars from at least seven victims after a storm wrecked havoc and hail on several Ottawa County homes in summer 2012.

He claimed to be working for DaVinci Home Exteriors out of Lorain.

Ottawa County prosecutors originally alleged he cashed checks for more than $26,000 — $11,000 from one victim alone.

But in September, Trunk and his attorney, Jack Bradley, struck a deal, and he pleaded guilty to three fifth-degree felony theft charges, one in each of the three criminal cases filed against him.

At his sentencing hearing Wednesday, Ottawa County Common Pleas Judge Bruce Winters sentenced Trunk to probation and ordered him to pay back a total of about $22,000, assistant prosecutor Andy Bigler said.

“That’s what the attorneys agreed on for restitution on all the victims from all the cases,” he said.

“He’ll be required to make payments in the usual condition of probation,” Bigler said.

As long as Trunk keeps making payments and follows the other rules of probation, he’ll stay out of prison.

A fifth-degree felony is punishable by up to one year in prison.



1. I believe it should be "wreaked havoc" in your first sentence.

2. If the attorney arranged a plea deal, that means people won't get the total amount back from Mr. Trunk then the attorney should pay the difference. Why let this low life off the hook for ripping people off with his fradulent scheme?


Bayshore, the answer to question number 2 is simple.

Ottawa county has a lazy, incompetent prosecutor .

If this happened in any other county, this crook would be in prison already.

I'm sure the detectives that worked their tail off gathering evidence on this thief are shaking their heads right now, as all of their hard work meant nothing.


"Ottawa county has a lazy, incompetent prosecutor.
If this happened in any other county, this crook would be in prison already."

There are many more Ohio county prosecutors like this. It appears to be the norm for corrupt Ohio.