Police: Man strikes woman

Hansard hit with array of charges after domestic dispute
Courtney Astolfi
Nov 7, 2013


A Sandusky man was arrested Tuesday after a simple argument with the mother of his child allegedly turned violent.


   Eric Hansard, 34, 1800 block Remington Ave., was charged with abduction—a third-degree felony—and menacing by stalking, domestic violence, child endangering, assault, disorderly conduct intoxicated and resisting arrest.


   Hansard was allegedly upset that his girlfriend was not at home with him Tuesday night around 9 p.m., prompting him to confront her at a friend’s house.


   The woman felt disrespected, so she left Hansard behind and returned to their Remington Avenue apartment. But when she arrived, he was already there, waiting, the report said.


   When the woman stepped inside, Hansard punched her throat and held her back from leaving, the report said.


   Hansard then continued his assault — he allegedly threw the woman against a wall and punched her back. The couple’s 6-year-old son walked downstairs during the incident. The child’s mother sent him across the street to call for help, but Hansard caught up with the boy and took him back inside the apartment, the report said.


   When Hansard returned, he found his girlfriend holding their 1-year-old son. Even that didn’t waylay his aggression — Hansard landed a blow on the woman’s face and threw her into another wall, child in arms, the report said.


   At that point, Hansard’s girlfriend made a break for it. She ran to a neighbor’s apartment and frantically knocked on their door. Hansard followed her, wrapped his arm around her neck in a headlock and dragged her back home, the report said.


   A teenager, who was peering out his window when the woman approached his door, watched the incident play out and told his parents, the report said.


   When they went to Hansard’s house to check on her, Hansard ceased his onslaught and took off on foot.


   The teenager’s story and the woman’s injuries appeared to corroborate her story. Lt. Richard Braun later documented the injuries, noting a large knot on the side of her head, choke marks on her neck, bruises on her arm and a cut in her mouth that required stitches.


   After the woman dialed 911 and told police about the night’s events, officers quickly located Hansard at Remington Avenue and Laurel Lane. He denied assaulting his girlfriend altogether, saying the woman hit herself with a door, the report said.


   Back at the Sandusky police station, a belligerent Hansard tried to tamper with his cell door using a shoestring and twice slipped his handcuffs, the report said.


   Officers hauled him to the Erie County jail, where he remains on $24,000 bond.


Stop It

Not gonna turn out well....

A Young Adult's...

I think the SR should do a "father of the year" showcase. All these deadbeats deserve to at least be nominated for some type of award


What's up with all these cowards beating up on females? If they don't trust them leave. I'm tired of reading about guys jumping on females I wish some guy would put hands on one of my relatives I will be there to see them. This bs is really getting out of hand.

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The Hero Zone

When people don't have the resources (primarily mental, social, and emotional that develop during childhood) the first option to fall to is that of violence. It is more primal and easier to swing a fist which is learned early in life than invoke deep thoughts which may have never yet occurred. I don't know what the circumstances of this man is, but to generally answer your question that is why. That is also why you will tend to see more literate, educated societies prefer diplomacy or war aversion than those with lesser standards.

I agree that these incidents are getting out of hand whether in the shadow of the Clinton trial or not. But, to support the above, people who do this probably don't read much of anything (let alone the paper) or pay attention to local/societal issues. It is disappointing for sure...

A Young Adult's...

Well said Hero Zone. I would also like to add that some people who do things like this aren't instilled with moral values at a young age. In a lot of cases, the parents of some of these "men" are partially to blame.