Parents charged after tug-of-war with baby

Sandusky police arrested two people after they allegedly played a tug-of-war with their baby daughter.
Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 4, 2013

Officers charged both Delon L. Hinton, 25, 900 block Hendry St.; and Aariona D. Adcock, 20, 2000 block Camp St., with child endangering.

The two began to argue via text messages, according to a related police report. The dispute heated up when Adcock knocked Hinton’s marijuana to the ground in a bedroom within the 2000 block of Camp St.

The two then began fighting. Adcock claimed Hinton grabbed her around the neck and choked her. Hinton said Adcock bit his finger, leg and and also smacked him on the head with a spaghetti strainer.

Hinton then tried to take their baby girl out of Adcock’s home.

While at the front door, the two parents yanked the baby back and forth as each tried securing her.

After booking both into jail without bond, Adcock said the baby could stay with her mother, who lives in the Camp Street home. An officer said he did not go back and search for the marijuana because “the room was in disarray with trash, clothing and other items scattered on the floor.”

Officers also charged Hinton with a protection order violation and Adcock with domestic violence.



I'm sure this couple will be in the nominated for "Family of the year". Not married, marijuana in the bedroom, using the baby for a pull toy, and BOTH taken to jail. Sounds like they have a good chance of WINNING!


What does being married have to do with anything.


Most of the loving, happy families I know are MARRIED! I am speaking of the PEOPLE THAT I PERSONALLY KNOW... NOT the families that are reported on in the Sandusky Register. My friends/family also do NOT have WEED in their bedrooms.

Good 2 B Me

I would imagine that they have better hiding places for their weed?


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WHERE exactly do your friends keep their weed?


My friends do not have weed.


Being married has NOTHING to do with this. My parents were married until I was 9 seperated until I was 15. They fought this way at least twice to three times a week. Every family has their issues. And I am in no way condoning the way they were fighting using the baby.


Your parents used you as a pull toy?


Every single one of us were caught in the crossfires of their fights. I still grew up to be a respectful productive member of society. I am happily married, we don't fight and have two children.

Judge all you'd like. Not every family is perfect. But for those reasons above and drugs, I have banished my father from my life.


So that doesn't explain what marriage had to do with this. I have a friend who was married not even a year. I have been with my wife almost ten years married 5 my son was two and he was lived by us both.


that's cute, they both have matching mustaches!


Bahahahahahaha nice observation!!!!


Me likes that comment!




Quit insulting my cat!


I wonder if children's services were called?!


Oh, NO! They're both in jail? That means they'll probably lose their JOBS!


jobs? they don't have jobs. but she might lose her free place to stay if she has HUD.


How do you know they don't have jobs?


Ha ha ha jobs!


Hud????? Housing and urban development? ????? Section 9 Metronome I believe


Stupid auto correct ... metro


And the irony here is that actually, neither of them want the baby.


They don't want the baby...but use it for some housing, food stamps and health benefits.


how can you afford pot with a baby to support?


That's easy, because you are paying to support it.


I thought bedrooms had floors.


Hey, go easy on them. They are probably extremely stressed out because they just had their food stamp amount reduced. The guy was probably pissed because he knew he wouldn't be able to buy as much weed this month because of the reduction.


Cats in the cradle and the silver spoon, the poor baby will be just like them, grow up ,give your baby a chance , even if that means not being raised by you two. Oops , I forgot for a moment, the baby IS your ticket on the entitlement train.