Women arrested for alleged theft spree

Perkins police officers caught two women Friday who allegedly stole several items from numerous stores.
Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 3, 2013


Officers charged both Kimberly S. Cross, 39, 900 block W. Adams St.; and Tara L. Thatcher, 38, 2200 block Forest Drive, with theft, receiving stolen property and possessing criminal tools.

Among the items both women reportedly took without paying:

• Several party supplies from the Party Place at 4903 Milan Road.

• 10 candles, a total value ranging from $200 to $300, from Pat Catan’s at 904 E. Perkins Ave.

• Five pairs of pants, a sweatshirt, jacket and bag from the Sandusky Mall.

• Various purses.

A Party Place employee allegedly saw both women attempting to steal various items. When the employee questioned them, the two women left the store.

Officers then began searching for them. A police supervisor found their car in the parking lot of ABC Warehouse.

A short while later, a third woman picked up Cross and Thatcher. That’s when officers swarmed her car and arrested both women.


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red white and blue

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dorothy gale

Ten candles valued at $200-$300?? As stupid as stealing is, I think it is even more stupid to believe a CANDLE is worth twenty bucks!