Man jailed after dog left out in cold

A Huron man was arrested at Applebee’s on Halloween night after he left his dog tied up outside during a rain storm while he sat at the bar, according to a Perkins police report.
Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 3, 2013

Michael Birch, 58, 100 block Center St., was charged with disorderly conduct intoxicated.

Birch allegedly sat down at the restaurant bar sometime prior to 10:30 p.m., but left his canine companion out in the cold.

The man had tied the dog’s leash around a 12-pack of Budweiser beer and left it outside in high winds and rain, the report said.

Birch refused sobriety tests, but officers noted he fumbled through his wallet while closing his tab, and said his current address actually belonged to a friend, the report said. While officers arrested him, Birch allegedly maintained he’d done nothing wrong.

Birch was held at the Erie County jail.

His pooch was taken to the Erie County dog pound.


From the Grave

That's right. He was in there long enough to get too drunk to drive, which he would have(driven), had nobody called the police on him about his dog.

From the Grave

And that was my point all along, that people care more about the well being of one dog than they care about the well being of a community of people.

From the Grave

But you can keep on telling me what a horrible, immoral person I am.


Who said I don't care about drunk driving?? I already said that drunk driving is a horrible thing, BUT NOBODY IN THIS STORY IS GUILTY OF DRUNK DRIVING!!!! You don't know this man's intentions -- he may have had a friend taking him and his canine friend home after his drinks. He may have planned to call a cab -- you just don't know, do you??

Regardless of his plans, he didn't drive drunk -- so why sit here and say "leaving that dog out in the cold isn't so bad -- he was planning on driving drunk -- that's the bad thing!!" That, my friend, is an asinine argument. People can always do worse -- than is NEVER a defense that what they DID do isn't so bad.

I can't believe you don't understand this concept. "Well, he only killed one man -- that's not a big deal. The real story is that he could have killed 5 men!!" <---- this argument follows your logic. Seems silly, doesn't it??

Raoul Duke

Screw that dog. Who cares about a f ucking dog.

From the Grave

You think he's heinous for leaving a dog out in the rain, but you also THINK he might have planned on having a friend drive him home. Doubtful.
Whatever dude. He DIDN'T drive drunk because he was arrested.
Anyway, maybe the dog LIKES being out in the rain~how do you know for sure that it doesn't? Go argue with someone else.

dorothy gale

Our attitudes toward and treatment of creatures smaller than us (and often dependent upon us) tells quite a bit about our morals and values, or lack thereof.


Well said.

Raoul Duke

They eat dogs in some countries.

Darwin's choice



Do you know why some of us have more sympathy for animals than for human beings? (I'm not counting the helpless human here, like a small child or a frail elderly person.) BECAUSE HUMANS ARE IN CONTROL! Humans have a choice. Humans have abilities animals don't. That poor dog doesn't have opposable thumbs so he can untie himself and seek shelter.

And for the person who suggested it's okay because dogs have fur, you're wrong. It's okay for SOME dogs to be outdoors in the cold because of the thickness of their coats, but just like your own outerwear, that insulation goes away when it gets soaked. And shame on you for suggesting it's EVER okay for a domestic animal to be left to the mercy of the elements regardless!

Peninsula Pundit

As Sam's myriad of political posts throughout these boards clearly show, he has no problems with the poor and the children of the poor having to scrape by or do without nourishment, but here's ol' Sammy drying an eye for a dumb animal.
THAT, indeed, is what is wrong with this country.
People who care more about dumb, soulless beasts than for their fellow man. Despicable.
It may be 'easier' to 'like' an animal, but it sure as heck don't make it right.
Anthropomorphism: It's a mental illness. Get a clue.I'm done with this sick page.



P.S. He is actually a she!


Wow. And to think you said what you said right underneath a post where I CLEARLY excepted those humans who are largely helpless. You know, like those small children you're talking about?

It IS true that I have zero sympathy for the able-bodied adult who can't be bothered to work. But to suggest that I care less for legitimately helpless humans than for helpless animals is disingenuous at BEST. Of course, that's the standard for liberal arguments for anything and everything since neither facts nor the patently obvious tend to apply...

he said she said

I don't know what kind of dog this is or what the shape of the dog is but I do know this...the breed of the dog will tell a responsible owner what type of things make the dog happy or unhappy. This is called 'educating yourself about this breed of dog'. If I own a blood hound, the city is not a very good place for it since they are more happy chasing and tracking.

I am a dog lover that has had many dogs throughout my life and this situation would have made me upset. I would be raising hell no matter what it was tied to the beer and a tree!


To begin with, even in the wild, dogs are pack animals. His pack is his family. A life alone on a chain is like sentencing him to a life of solitary confinement. If you are adament about having something to ornament your backyard, get a frickin shrub! Don't get a dog if that's all you're going to do with it.

The Answer Person

To all of you who feel that this is appropriate treatment of a defenseless animal:
You need to return the call from your oncologist as your cancer is spreading. :-)


Well said.


No one said it was okay so climb down off your soap box. I just don't think jail is the answer. You right wing bleeding hearts ALWAYS put words in other's mouths.


Enlighten us -- what is the answer?? Ask him politely not to do it again?? I'm sure that will work!! In fact, why don't we just ask all criminals to stop doing wrong -- sounds like a plan to me!!

If I'm a right-wing "bleeding heart", then you're a soulless left wing snake -- go collect your government handouts -- its on my dollar!


A 12 pack of bud was left outside after dark
for hours and no one grabbed it? In Sandusky? Sure!


I agree this lowlife is very cruel and wrong for his thoughtless actions leaving the doggie to fend for his self in the bad weather and all, but how is taking it to the high kill dog pound any better? The Humane Society maybe, but if he's just gonna be there 3 days and then be euthanized, then maybe he was better off with the guy who at least gave him enough attention to be out with him at all, some dogs never leave their yard or the end of a chain. Killing the dog is not the right thing to do - I have 3 dogs and cannot take another, someone please step up and rescue this double victim doggie!!! Please! My heart breaks for it and I have never seen it. But a death sentence is not a rescue for that dog. THE DOG SHOULDN'T HAVE TO PAY FOR HIS OWNERS' STUPIDITY!

red white and blue

What about the beer? Is anyone care about the beer sitting out there getting warm and wet really? Whereis the humanity;-)


It must have been a rather small dog to be held by a 12 pack inside of wet cardboard.