Man jailed after dog left out in cold

A Huron man was arrested at Applebee’s on Halloween night after he left his dog tied up outside during a rain storm while he sat at the bar, according to a Perkins police report.
Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 3, 2013

Michael Birch, 58, 100 block Center St., was charged with disorderly conduct intoxicated.

Birch allegedly sat down at the restaurant bar sometime prior to 10:30 p.m., but left his canine companion out in the cold.

The man had tied the dog’s leash around a 12-pack of Budweiser beer and left it outside in high winds and rain, the report said.

Birch refused sobriety tests, but officers noted he fumbled through his wallet while closing his tab, and said his current address actually belonged to a friend, the report said. While officers arrested him, Birch allegedly maintained he’d done nothing wrong.

Birch was held at the Erie County jail.

His pooch was taken to the Erie County dog pound.



So the next time there's high wind and cold rain, we can tie him outside too, right?


If only...

From the Grave

Maybe the dog lives outside at, do they go to every house and arrest drunk dog owners who leave their dogs outside when it rains? Now, if he tried to drive drunk, THEN he WOULD be endangering the dog, AND us. And he was planning on driving, presumably.


If it lives outside at home, it should still have shelter from the rain.


We are all dumber having read this comment.

Anybody that leaves their dog tied up to a case of beer in high winds/rain without shelter in a public place deserves to be jailed and refused the right to care for animals.

Along the same lines, anybody that defends such behavior also deserves to be jailed and refused the right to care for animals.

I award you no points for your argument and may God have mercy on your soul.

Raoul Duke

I wish some sombitch would tie me to 12 pack!


people should not leave their dogs outside constantly in any kind of weather. they need shade and water when it's hot (just like people do) and warmth when it's cold (just like people do) so yes they should go to every house and arrest drunk (or sober) dog owners that leave their dogs outside. unfortunately some never get reported and they don't have the manpower to do it. a dog is supposed to be a part of your family and not a lawn ornament or another possession you take out when the urge hits you. they need love and care, which some people can't fathom.

Darwin's choice

When they start arresting people for being stupid.........

From the Grave

...start building more jails.


Let me first say that I do not prefer dogs, I am not a "dog person". However, I feel if you CHOOSE (it is a choice!) to own a dog, you should be a responsible dog owner. Domesticated animals are like people. They need food, shelter, love and respect. If you wouldnt do it to yourself... DO NOT do it to your animal! They are unable to call the police and report you! If you cant take care of an animal DON'T OWN ONE!


This idiot tied his dog to a 12 pack of beer in a public place, not to a dog house! I would say have him volunteer at the pound or humane society,but I wouldn't subject the poor animals to this monster. Sure that was bad. Can you imagine what the dog was treated like at home?


I'm afraid to imagine what life is like for this dog at home. I hope this piece of shnit never gets near another animal.

From the Grave

I remember it not being all that cold that night. Dogs can handle being cold and wet~they have fur. Is it cruel to take them on hunting trips? People will show unlimited compassion for an animal, yet display brutal hatred for a human being. You can't just turn your compassion on and off. And let's be honest~the far worse issue here was that he WAS going to drive after drinking. And so was everyone else sitting at that bar, and at every other bar in town. And you're upset about a dog being left out in the rain...


You are so right.


You and deer tracker are both scum for thinking this is appropriate. When a dog is hunting, he is happy and excited and moving around for warmth. When he is tied to a case of beer in public, he is humiliated and unable to do anything to improve his situation.

It honestly scares me that people like you can blindly look past such cruel behavior and try to justify reasons for it.

I'd love to chain you to a case of beer next to an Applebee's in the wind and rain and see how you feel.

Peninsula Pundit

Thumbs up to you, Grave!


This is not about a hunting trip. He took away the dog's ability to care for itself by tying it up in those conditions. Therefore the dog could not seek shelter nor defend or take care of itself while tied up. When you do that to an animal is becomes depedent on you for everything. What part of stupid do you not understand? Just because people do it does not make it right. There are plenty of offenders out there who do not get caught. He just happened to get caught and will now face the consequences.


From the Grave: Depends on what kind of a dog it was. Some can't handle being outside in the wind and cold. Use your head. Hope you don't have any animals, you seem like the type with no heart.


Your point of redirecting attention away from this loser mistreating his dog is moot. Perhaps you yourself have something to tell us and how you have mistreated an animal. Let's recreate the conditions from that night by waiting for a night that is 45 degrees with winds gusting up to 15 mph and then we will tie you in front of that same bar and spray water on you. But have no fear, we will be sure to allow plenty of time for you to grow out a beard and any back hair your find necessary which will surely protect you from the elements. When finished, we want to interview you to see how things went and rather or not you feel the dog was abused.


Yes, frankly I am more upset about the dog than that the guy was going to drive drunk. I like animals more than I like people although I do try to have compassion for both. It's just hard when many people act atrociously or with complete disregard for others. Animals don't do that unless they are taught to be mean and vicious-by people.


Thank you for adding a voice of reason to this comments section. The people above are making me sick.

Peninsula Pundit

Maybe it's the blood leaking from your bleeding heart.


Exactly! There are more problems than the dog here. I like animals, especially dogs but some dogs live outside. Yes, this guy in this case was out of line but it amazes me that some of you think that putting the guy in jail is a good use of taxpayer dollars. Not everyone sleeps with dogs or let them lick in their mouth or treat it like it is a child. More power to you if you do but I choose not to nor do I own a dog. If you think that guests can't smell that dog or cat or whatever animal you have when entering your home you are WRONG!


It's been pointed out by several people above that ther is a HUGE difference between letting your dog live outside and chaining it to a case of beer in public.

There are a lot of dogs that live outside, and this is no problem if you provide them with means to shelter from cold, wind, rain, etc -- but the man in this story did none of that.

You're exactly right when you say there are more problems than the dog here -- the big problem is the owner and the people on here trying to defend him.

Sure, there are plenty of problems in society we could discuss, but that's not the point of this article, so let's keep things relevant.


That smell is your breath blowing back in your face.


Either that or it's the stench of your rotting soul -- I can't figure out which it is. Either way, I'd feel better if you weren't around.

From the Grave

I was actually pointing out that is FAR FAR worse to drive around on Halloween night(or ANY time, for that matter)drunk than it is to leave a dog out in the rain for awhile(which I DO think is pretty lame). Maybe you need to get hit by a drink driver too, in order to understand that~I DON'T SEE HOW THESE TWO THINGS COMPARE.


I understand your point, but it really is irrelevant.

BOTH of these things are horrible -- the difference is, only ONE of them happened in this story. I'm not stupid -- I realize that drunk driving is a horrible thing and costs many innocent people's lives every year, but this is a story about a dog being left to fend for itself against the elements, NOT a drunk driver.

Suggesting that what this man did isn't all that bad simply because it's not as bad as drunk driving is just plain stupid -- that's like saying it isn't as bad to murder someone with a bullet to the head as it is to shoot them in the stomach. They're both murder, kiddo!

Furthermore, suggesting that I get hit by a drunk driver is just classless and morbid -- it takes away any shred of relevance your opinion may have once had.

From the Grave

It never said how long he left the dog outside. Maybe he only went in for one quick shot, and the dog was out there for less time than it would be if you let it out to pee.


It was out there long enough for the police to be called, get there, and arrest the man. I don't know about your dog, but mine pees faster than that...

Your attempts to justify this man's behavior have become quite comical.