Man steals pills while resident is home

An unidentified man allegedly entered a Sandusky woman’s Third Street home Wednesday night and made off with more than 300 Percocet pills.
Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 2, 2013


The resident was sitting in her living room watching television, when at about 9 p.m., a man walked through her door, according to a Sandusky police report.

At first she thought it was her son, but she later realized it was a complete stranger. The man made a beeline for her coffee table, grabbed the pill bottle, then walked outside again, the report said.

The pills belonged to the woman’s son, who said no one but a trustworthy cousin knew about the prescription, the report said.




I would like to know what medical provider wrote a script for 300 oxycodones. There is not a patient on earth who requires 300 schedule II narcotics. If this patient requires that much oxycodone to manage his pain, then he needs to find another medical provider and explore other treatment options.

Licorice Schtick

Pretty dubious story. There are other possibilities. Maybe she was trying to protect her son by keeping the pills from him. Or maybe she's going into business for herself.


His 'customers' won't be happy!! C'mon Man, you know he be sellin them..LOL


That's the way your parents taught you to talk shame on them. Guess learning at home didn't work.


They were percosets. And that stranger knew exactly where they were and that they were there. Somebody opened their big fat mouth.


Percocet and oxycodone are the same thing - oxy is just the generic form of it. But I agree in wondering why someone had 300 pills of it. I've been on oxy for a while now from my pain management doctor and I only get a one month's supply of it at a time and I just had surgery a little over a month ago and the maintenance dose I was on was changed to a higher dose following the surgery and I wasn't able to get my maintenance dose refilled because of the 2 week supply of the higher dosage of oxy. Once that script expired and I had my follow-up I was able to get my normal dosage of pain medicine again. Someone is definitely scamming somewhere

Didn't do it

They are all on this sh".,,t


yes three hundred percs are way over the amount legally given to one patient per month. I believe the police would like to see that script as well as the dea. But wait, im sure the kid was just stock piling them as only to use them as needed, right? lmao


300? WOW. Who is his doctor? That sounds legit.


This is a no brainer! The son told the thug exactly where they were. The thug takes them, the son gets a cut of the action and the son gets a new prescription because of the police report. Wow! That took me two minutes to figure that one out!


BINGO Cowboy


maybe this is a typo, the register is notorious for typos!


Sure sounds like a good cover story for a pill sale.


Not only does he get free pain meds but a hefty welfare check because he "can't" work do to the " pain". Bottom feeders!


If he got a welfare check, chances are his meds are free!

Didn't do it

Well put YoMamma.


Maybe the family misspoke. It was $300.00 in unclaimed income that they would be missing out on. Just throwing that out there.


Lock your doors people!