Pavilion bathroom ransacked

Vandals ransacked a bathroom at the Sandusky Bay Pavilion this week, according to a Sandusky police report.
Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 2, 2013


A city worker called police Wednesday around 11:30 a.m., after he uncovered the damage.

Broken glass littered the men’s bathroom floor and rolls of toilet paper had been tossed into urinals, the report said.

Also damaged were multiple soap dispensers, which were found ripped from the walls.

Officers believe the vandal or vandals scaled a fence to gain entry, the report said.



Oh, if we only had an Arts and Crafts groups to give these kids something to do, than these kind of things just wouldn't happen. It's just bored kids.

Watch when they bust these kids, after seeing the video they mad posted on YouTube, the parents are going to blame Erie County officials for picking on their kids.

Wait, let me guess, it's because they got their food stamps cut, and they had to go release their anger on public property.

No, what we need is parents keeping their kids at home where they belong!!




Damn skateboarders. Don't respect anybody all they want to do is use them stamps and smoke and call everybody dude. We should gather them all up tear down the skate park so we can put them where they belong at home.




I have an idea! Just put a toilet in there. No seat. No toilet paper. No sink. No soap. Bring your own tp and hand sanitiser. It hurts the people who take care of things, however it seems like most people do not care.


...and that's exactly why we can never have nice things in Sandusky! Because the parents can't can't control their own kids! Oh, I mean the police can't control the parent's kids! That's right, I forgot we have this parenting by police mentality in Sandusky!


The Pavilion destruction is getting really suspicious in nature. How many times does the Pavilion need to be vandalized in one year?


1. Put a couple of cheap cameras up and camouflage them well.

2. DON'T TELL ANYBODY you put a couple of cheap cameras up!

3. Arrest the little pieces of crap that vandalize the place and punish them accordingly.

4. In addition to punishment for the delinquents per the law, require them AND THEIR PARENT(S) to clean up their mess and pay for any new items/equipment needed replaced as a result. (If the parent has no money, make them work it off by cleaning up OTHER messes.)

As soon as the kids AND the parents are forced to deal with repercussions for their irresponsibility, at least some of the problems will stop. But as long as the little hoodlums get away with it, we'll keep seeing more and more of this kind of destructive behavior.

Stop It



Agreed!!! Kids and Parents will learn responsibility!