Woman kidnapped, bound, raped

Deputies: Suspect held her captive for hours at Groton Township camper
Shawn Foucher
Nov 2, 2013


A Groton Township man was arrested Friday after allegedly kidnapping a woman at gunpoint in Lorain and then taking her back to his Strecker Road property, where he raped her and bound and gagged her, authorities said.

The victim, a 31-year-old Vermilion woman, managed to escape from a small camper where she was being held captive. Her hands and feet were bound with zip ties and her mouth gagged with white tape, but the woman was still able to crawl about 20 feet to the road, where a passing motorist spotted her sitting naked near a ditch.  

"I don't know how she got out of there, I have no clue," said Bellevue resident Tami Pasenow, 37, the motorist who found her. "Her skin was all blue like she'd been there a while. Her hands and feet were bound with zip ties, and she was gagged.

"I was just freaking out, honestly," Pasenow said. "It was crazy."

Arrested and charged: Brian M. Jury, 38, of 10701 Strecker Road in Groton Township. He remains in the Lorain City Jail on weapons-related charges, but Erie County deputies now have a warrant for his arrest on charges of rape, a first-degree felony, and felony kidnapping.

Jury has no apparent criminal record.

Sometime between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. Friday, the woman was walking in Lorain, on her way home from the store. She told Erie County deputies she had met Jury once before, so she recognized him when he pulled his truck alongside her and asked if she wanted a ride, Erie County Chief Deputy Jared Oliver said.

When the woman got into the truck — a white GMC 2011 pickup, with "AirGas" emblazoned on the side — Jury pointed a handgun at her and used a zip tie to secure her hands, deputies said. He then allegedly drove to his Strecker Road property, where he has a large barn, a pole barn and a small Coachmen camper, as well as a handful of vehicles and a hodgepodge of scattered machinery and junk. 

Deputies said Jury had a handgun and a large knife with him in the camper where he allegedly raped the woman. 

To view photos of the Strecker Road property, click here.

At about 2 p.m., Jury left in his pickup, deputies said, and the woman somehow managed to bust open the door and crawl to the road. Pasenow said she was driving home from the grocery store when she saw the naked woman sitting, bound and gagged, on the side of the road. The woman was facing away from the road, but trying to get the attention of any passersby on the rural two-lane road, Pasenow said.  

The woman was not crying and had no visible wounds, although she looked like she was "in shock" and she at some point made a statement to the effect of "there must be bodies out there," Pasenow said.

As Pasenow started to help the woman, off-duty Erie County Sheriff's Sgt. Steve Hammersmith came upon the scene by chance. Hammersmith stopped and quickly removed the tape from the woman's mouth and unbound her, Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth said. Later at the scene, Hammersmith declined to comment.   

The woman was loaded into an ambulance and taken to Firelands Regional Medical Center to undergo a sexual assault examination, Sigsworth said. When detectives interviewed her, she identified Jury as her attacker.

At about 3:30 p.m., deputies sent out an alert to area law enforcement agencies, with emphasis on those in Lorain County, as Jury has rental properties in Lorain and Elyria. They also figured out he was in the Carlisle Township area. He works for AirGas and he was driving a company truck.

At about 6 p.m., police found his pickup parked at a home in Lorain. They then learned Jury fled the scene on a motorcycle, Oliver said.

Shortly thereafter, Lorain police stopped him on West Erie Avenue. He had two handguns on him — a Glock and a .22-caliber, Oliver said. Police took him to the Lorain City Jail, where late Friday jail guards said he was being entirely uncooperative.

The woman has since been released from the hospital, Oliver said. Deputies obtained a warrant to search the Strecker Road property, where they recovered a number of items to test for DNA evidence.
Neighbors said they rarely talked to Jury, and they don't know if he lived in the camper or in one of the barns on the 8-acre property. He was occasionally seen coming and going, stopping to feed some chickens near the barn and a dog tied to one of the vehicles. 

Deputies said they inspected the barns and the property and found no immediate indication of other victims. They plan to continue investigating in the days ahead.

Pasenow said she thought twice about stopping, fearing someone was still in the area.

"I can't believe I stopped," she said. "You wouldn't think out here in the country of something like this."   



What is it about Northern Ohio that we keep producing these monsters? I think this poor woman would have been one of the "missing" that are never seen again. Hope they check all his properties very carefully.


Good thing they caught this freak because had he got away, I'm certain there would have been more victims.

Licorice Schtick

Looks like this guy's mind has been "off the grid" for some time.


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I'm sure there's probably more, God forbid. Even worse, dead victims.


Why does Northern Ohio seem to keep producing these monsters? My opinion: There is big money to be made and area law enforcement from Toledo to Cleveland and beyond including the FBI historically have not found sexual assault cases imvolving women and children to be a priority. The area has a significant and lucrative sex and drug industry including extreme sado masochism/bondage that has compromised area law enforcement and public officials a number of whom are addicted.

The easy access to extreme pornography and drugs creates addicts who need more and more outrageous stimulation. Hence human trafficking and the exploitation of vulnerable young girls and women through drugs. Some of the addicts eventually act out their rape and torture fantasies. Examples include former Cuyahoga County recorder Patrick O'Malley (and attorney friend to former Cuyahoga County prosecutor Bill Mason) convicted of federal obscenity charges and former local resident Scott Cisco who allegedly ran a bondage club in Sandusky. He was convicted of kidnapping and rape of a 17 year old girl whom he bound and gagged and is incarcerated. Locally he produced bondage pornography and allegedly put on private bondage shows for a client list you would not believe.

I believe Ariel Castro may have been producing extreme bondage/dungeon pornography and that law enforcement may have been aware of him long before the three women escaped. It would explain the money found in his home of which he claimed there was more than LE reported, why the women were forced to wear motorcycle helmets while tortured and why when he called from one victim's cell phone it was never traced or pursued.

As time passes and LEO's, prosecutors, lawyers, and judges retire, or die and this mess hits critical mass more and more stories will emerge. Like I said you'd be amazed at the names who allegedly patronized Cisco's "club"


"former local resident Scott Cisco who allegedly ran a bondage club in Sandusky."

Another dirty and corrupt Ohio cop. Corrupt Ohio is full of dirty and corrupt cops.

"Ex-Monroeville cop accused of kidnapping, raping girl, 17"

"Former Monroeville cop's indictment includes 6 rape charges"

"Scott V. Cisco, 42, 100 block of E. Market St., charged with tampering with evidence, receiving stolen property."

EDIT: Tribute to survivors of child sexual assault by law enforcement officers.
"More police officers are convicted of child sex crimes than all other professions combined. It's law enforcement's "dirty little secret", and one we are committed to exposing. Police officers use their positions of trust to violate our children. Their victims are threatened with physical harm and told no one will believe their word over that of a police officer."


Thanks Centauri for the links. Note that his former chief in Monroeville is Gary Lyons formerly of Sandusky Police and if memory serves me, one of the "He Man Woman Haters Club" members passed over in the hiring of Nuesse.

I recall a story in the Sandusky Register concerning a murder of woman who was strangled by a man who had bondage pornography in his property allegedly produced by Cisco. (Link is gone) The women in the photos claimed it was produced "consenually" but invariably women in the industry are drug addicts with a history of sexual abuse in childhood or early teens.

It is a national tragedy that the professions (LE, and Legal) with the highest rate of child sexual abuse, domestic violence and substance abuse are allowed to continue to deflect attention by their positions onto others.


Great posts by both of you. These stories have been out there and many more!


Thank you. I think it was Michael Martin convicted of murdering Amanda Gibson by strangulation in Groton Township who allegedly had bondage pornography produced by Scott Cisco.

This story's crime site is also in Groton Township. Connected? Maybe, my sources tell me there are meeting places for this activity protected by LEO's and lawyers in Erie, Huron, Ottawa, Seneca and Sandusky counties. Note that Curtis Clinton started in Seneca County and caught a break for his first crime.


I could provide more information as time permits. I have other issues to attend to. Check Cisco's criminal record in Sandusky Municipal Court. I tried connecting to Norwalk, Ohio municipal court but kept timing out. I wouldn't be surprised if Cisco has criminal records in other Ohio courts. LE protect their own by remaining silent, looking the other way or they lie when questioned.



Great information..Cisco had a record starting with passing bad checks to Teddy Wears in 2002 and graduated to felony receiving stolen property and tampering with evidence crimes. I'm not surprised by the name of his defense counsel who apparently got him off while he under-represented a certain police chief that males like Cisco loved to hate.


and a dog tied to one of the vehicles. makes you wonder if he's done anything like this before. 'we' don't produce these monsters. they are born that way.


so now a dog tied to a bumper is what determines if someone is a monster. gesh. In some areas of the world they eat them just like you or most eat cows. Get real.


He doesn't live there, neighbors only see him occasionally , when he comes to feed dog and chickens.

A dog outside in all kinds of weather conditions, tied to a truck, alone and only getting fed occasionally.


dorothy gale

Yes, it is. It shows no respect for life.


Unfortunately there are lots of a$$holes that see nothing wrong with this treatment of a living thing, sometimes acting as a precursor to their regard for human life as well. In this case my guess is he needed a lookout/alarm system. Hopefully he was just getting started on his horrific escapade and was caught in time.

William Jeffers...

This is just un-freaken-believable!! Maybe we'll get lucky and he'll kill himself in jail like the last SOB.

dorothy gale

Another sicko! Gee, let's put him in prison for a while and when he gets out we can look forward to another Clinton-type trial! These monsters do not get "better" and in prison they learn even more tricks. Lock them away in a loony bin for the rest of their miserable lives.

2cents's picture

"guards said he was being entirely uncooperative"

Oh crud, I'm sorry sir, he fell down the jail stairs and broke his neck : )


"10701 Strecker Road in Groton Township"

A quick check of the above property shows a different owner listed according to public records of the Erie County (OHIO) Auditor.



Centauri: Yes, I looked that up last night myself. Makes a person wonder if any connections to the people who let him live there?


There are thousands of missing kids and adults in the United States. I really believe that this happens way way more than we could even comprehend. I think they are just not as lucky as this woman. There are a lot of sick demented f**ks out there. Gather them all up and feed them to the hungry hogs. Prayers out to this woman and prayers out to all the people who are out there undiscovered.

Big Momma

These things happen everywhere. There are sickos in every corner of every state. I'm guessing the reason you think they occur in greater abundance in northern Ohio is because you live here, you read the news, and you hear about all of the sick crimes committed here. If you lived elsewhere, you would read about the crimes committed in that area.


This is some real ID Channel ish here. Yet some think it is okay to leave your doors unlocked! Big Momma said it all and is spot on!


You do have to wonder what gets into their heads to make them seek this kind of behavior. Instead of just sending them to prison, they need to start studying these freaks, much like lab rats. Study the brains of them, the patterns that make them different. Introduce chemicals, drugs, stimulation, what have you, to see what reactions are produced and when. When someone has such dangerous and perverse desires and addictions that they become a menace to society, that should override any "human rights" they might have had.


double like!


Maybe the doctors and psychiatrists could learn more from a proper dissection instead of a mental examination.


Lady C - I believe you might have a legitimate idea.


Dig deep, polygraph him, find out whom he associates with, this might lead to a group of really disturbing people that are like minded.


Thanks to Tami Pasenow who was brave enough to stop and help the victim.


I agree! I saw an article where they gave all the credit to the off duty deputy. (I don't remember which article or where I saw it, as there are quite a few out there right now). I was kind of irritated that they did not give this wonderful woman credit. If it weren't for her, the guy could have possibly come back before anyone found her, and done more damage to this poor victim.


criminal behavior is commonly learned, so we cannot do neurological tests to figure out why they commit these crimes. these individuals are not born wired wrong, they are taught wrong.


While someone's environment and early childhood probably plays a big part in their later behavior, I can't fully agree with what you are saying. If that were true, an entire family would be like this. Drugs and chemicals definitely alter the brain, and some do permanent damage. There could be a common denominator--for example, did all of them take Ritalin, do opiates, etc. etc.??? It sure wouldn't hurt to test these freaks so they would at least be of some use.


oops, double post


Mandatory castration should be his sentence, then life with parole possible in 99 years. I would prefer they get the gas chamber but somewhere out there are enough liberals who believe this waste of skin can be reformed that will prevent it from happening. Just imagine your daughter or grand daughter being the victim.


imagine your son or grandson committing this crime. would you still want to gas them or try and reshape them into better citizens.

Stop It

If that were my son or grandson, I'd kill them myself. Yes, I have both, so don't ask.


I also agree! If this happened to my daughter/son etc I would want the dousche who did castrated. If it were my son/daughter etc who committed the crime, I'd take care of it myself.

NO ONE has the right to invade someone else's privacy, hurt someone etc.


sick , sick, sick . Could be other victims, I think he wasn't planning on letting her go free, so what was his plan? Creepy guy..