Police: Man smuggled drugs into police HQ

Van Cleaf, 23, accused of trafficking heroin, cocaine into police department
Courtney Astolfi
Oct 30, 2013


A Sandusky man was jailed on a slew of drug charges Friday morning after he allegedly carried suspected crack and heroin into the Sandusky police department.

Zafar Van Cleaf, 23, of the 400 block of Perry St., was charged with felonious cocaine and heroin trafficking, cocaine and heroin possession, illegal conveyance onto the grounds of a detention facility, tampering with evidence, criminal tools possession and misdemeanor resisting arrest, marijuana possession, drug paraphernalia and driving under suspension.

Sandusky police pulled Van Cleaf’s vehicle over at Reese and Hancock streets at 10:15 a.m., after they recognized him from previous driving under suspension violations, according to a police report.

An officer quickly noticed Van Cleaf’s hands were shaking, and was familiar with his past involvement in drug activity. This gave police probable cause to search the car, according to the police report.

While officers found nothing inside Van Cleaf’s 2013 Dodge Avenger, they did find several items on his person, the report said. He allegedly had more than $350 in one pocket, a bag of marijuana in another, and a digital scale in his jacket.

Back at the police station, officers conducted a strip search in which Van Cleaf was not entirely cooperative, the report said. Officers eventually found a bag of crack and heroin inside the flap of his underwear, the report said.

As officers walked away, Van Cleaf allegedly said, “You guys are going down.”

He remains in the Erie County jail without bond.



Great job L.E. Keep that garbage off the streets. Cops 1 _ v.c. 0.


"You guys are going down"......did he threaten some officers? HHmm wouldn't that be another charge? How stupid do you need to be to carry drugs INTO the cop shop???? WOW.


What is with people, first there's the guy that takes a knife into court and now this doofus takes drugs in?? I'm thinking that there's a mensa group about to break out any time now at the SPD/Muni Court!!

Colonel Angus

It's not like this guy just walked into the police station with drugs on his person for no reason. He was frisked when arrested at the scene and then transported to the station. Now imagine that instead of a bag of heroin and crack it was a weapon in the underwear flap. And let's be honest, who among us is going to tell the police that in addition to the contraband they've already found that there is more in your underwear and risk additional charges?



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sandtown born a...

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Sounds to me like the guy was not searched very good before being transported.


Or maybe SPD was just trying to keep a brotha down by not searching him and trumping up charges when they got him to the station. Come on man, you must be getting slow in your old age.


No nucklehead maybe you and your buddies would love to see all blacks kept down. After all in your eyes all blacks are criminals.


Nope, I would love to see them all successful...legally. Which buddies would you be referring to? My black buddies? Hispanic buddies? Oh, yeah my white buddies, because all of us middle age white guys can't stand black people. I gotcha. Problem is the black community seems more he!! bent on blaming everyone else for its problems instead of taking ownership in it and actually coming up with a solution. The only reason I posted what I did is because let's face it someone would have eventually come on here and blamed the SPD anyway.


No GI Joe! The cop did not search him well. Who goes to the police dept. or jail to sell drugs? No one was trying "to keep a brotha down" the cop just messed up on the search.


Oh, I agree with you the cop screwed up the search. Maybe I should have waited until the first person responded with how the police were just trumping up charges. But then again, the way that the article is written it sounds allot like the charges are BS.

sandtown born a...

I would be questioning the pat down/search procedure, doesn't seem like it worked, actually they shouldn't be able to add the additional charges I'm sure they will be tossed. The headline made it seem like he walked in the front door intentionally bringing it in.


I would like to see you find a small bag of crack or some heroin on a pat down/and or search incident to arrest on the street. The officers are really looking for a weapon that can hurt them or their partners.

If they want to attempt to convey an illegal substance into the jail, then so be it. At least the officer is safe!

From the Grave

Nice car. I'm in the wrong business.

Simple Enough II

My thoughts exactly.


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What's wrong with a neck tattoo.

Stop It

Everything if one wants to look presentable to an employer and the public. Unless of course you like wearing a turtle neck sweater all year. That probably wouldn't work out so well, either.

Stop It

If one wants tats anywhere visible, I really don't care. There are some jobs, and usually the better paying ones, that wouldn't hire you unless you were a skilled laborer or factory worker. Good luck with that.

Personally and IMHO, you'd better be self employed if you want to look like that.