Man hoodwinked Mercedes owner

A Findlay-area man was arrested Tuesday for allegedly bilking a Sandusky man out of $1,500 under the guise of repairing his car.
Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 30, 2013


Charles Ridinger, 32, of McComb, was charged with one count of felony theft.

Back in March, a Sandusky man found Ridinger on Craigslist and paid him $1,500 to replace the motor and transmission of his 1992 Mercedes, according to a Sandusky police report

Ridinger allegedly strung him along until May, and the man filed a theft report. Officers gave Ridinger 30 days to rectify the situation. The Sandusky man even went to Ridinger’s supposed McComb address but found he didn’t live there, the report said.

When Ridinger failed to make good on the deal, police charged him with theft. Ridinger was picked up by Allen County deputies on Tuesday and later handed off to Sandusky police.




There's a man in fremont that took A LOT more than that from an elderly lady under the assumption he was going to do work on her house! Wonder if he's going to get arrested?