Hunting equipment, stereo system stolen from storage units

At least two storage units were broken into and looted over the weekend at a U.S. 250 storage facility.
Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 29, 2013


Erie County deputies went to All American Mini Storage Sunday afternoon, after one customer found a padlock cut open. The man quickly discovered his compound bow, arrows and a hunting decoy were missing from the storage unit, according to a deputy’s report.

As deputies investigated the theft they noticed a second unit’s door ajar. Inside, they found muddy footprints. The renter confirmed numerous items had been stolen, including a lamp, stereo system, backpack and duffle bag, the report said.

Deputies plan to review surveillance footage once management is able to access the video, the report said.



There may have been a similar break in happen at the storage units on Columbus Ave. The ones by the railroad underpass on the west side. Maybe one of the intrepid reporters from this illustrious publication might want to ask the local authorities if any other break ins at storage facilities has occurred recently?

enough of the bs

Down in Willard they had a bunch broken into a few weeks ago, I'm sure they are all related.