Man accused of choking son, charged with felony

A Huff Road man was arrested Friday evening for allegedly choking his 8-year-old son during an argument about his Boy Scout troop’s popcorn fundraiser.
Courtney Astolfi
Oct 29, 2013


A Huff Road man was arrested Friday evening for allegedly choking his 8-year-old son during an argument about his Boy Scout troop’s popcorn fundraiser.

Corey Finnen, 32, was charged with child endangering and felony domestic violence.

Finnen’s 8- and 4-year-old sons returned to their father’s home Friday around 7:30 p.m., after canvassing the neighborhood with flyers for the 8-year-old’s popcorn fundraiser.

Finnen allegedly became enraged after the 8-year-old admitted he forgot to place a flyer inside a neighbor’s door, according to an Erie County deputy’s report.

Finnen allegedly grabbed the boy by his neck and began choking him before throwing him to the floor, the report said.

After the altercation, Finnen’s father saw the boy crying and holding his throat, the report said. The boy then called his other grandfather and told him what had occurred.

That grandfather immediately called deputies, and met with them and the boy’s mother at Finnen’s home. Finnen’s 4-year-old son gave deputies a similar account, mimicing a choking action when asked to describe the fight, the report said.

Finnen denied choking his son. He told deputies he placed his hands on the boy’s shoulder in order to discipline him.

Inside the house, deputies found a suspicious substance, which they suspected might be methamphetamine. Drug charges could follow after chemical test results are completed.

Deputies reported the assault to social workers and took Finnen to the Erie County jail. He will remain there without bond until his arraignment.



WOW!!!!!!!!! That's the perfect example of wonderful parenting.... *Eye Roll*

On a side note, I really hope he does not get to see his kids anymore. And I also hope the young man is not traumatized by it. Poor thing. Good job to Grandpa, for doing the right thing and being a true parent!


He choked the kid and threw him to the ground for not placing a FLYER IN A DOOR for a popcorn fundraiser??? WOW. I can only hope this man NEVER sees his kids again. He does NOT deserve children.


Sounds like a perfect example of a bully, not a parent.


Ahh yes, look for this to happen more often as meth starts to come into vogue in this area. When these tweakers are high they don't care who they hurt.

Food For Thought

My heart is sadden by story's such as this in our area. What is this world coming to... I hope the parental rights are terminated and the boys can heal from this, and most likely others, incident. I also hope that this man receives the help he needs, there is obviously an issue here, but he should never be allowed to be alone with those kids again.


Wow and I just bought some Boy Scouts of America popcorn! I can only hope I stopped a boy from being choked. Buy Boy Scout popcorn.


I think we should have a fundraiser to get this guy a bus ticket to Mexico where he can go to jail and see what it's like to be abused for no reason at all.

Sitting In The ...

The reason he was mad at his kid was because this loser was using the money his own kids were getting for orders to fuel his heroin/meth habit. Which would explain why he was angry when the boy forgot to drop off a flyer. Clearly I have inside information and in no way do I condone his actions.


What a downright looser!!! He should never see those kids again. I hope they can recover from this, sending lots of prayers!!