Man wants ride, picks up kidnapping charge

Felony kidnapping. Aggravated menacing. Disorderly conduct.
Courtney Astolfi
Oct 29, 2013


Melvin Coleman, 24, 200 block E. Follett St., got hit with all those charges after a Sunday rampage when all he wanted was a ride home, according to a police report. He also faces a theft charge for allegedly stealing a Slim Jim from the BP store at Hayes and East Perkins avenues.

The Sandusky man was arrested late Sunday. A Sandusky police report provided the following account:

Around 10:30 p.m. Sunday, Sandusky police went to the BP gas station, where they were met by an extremely shaken 55-yearold woman and a concerned employee, who recounted their run-in with Coleman. Minutes before the incident, Coleman approached another of the gas station’s customers, said he was drunk, told the customer he needed someone to walk with and began arguing. The customer told a clerk to dial police, but Coleman walked out the store’s door.

He allegedly ran up to a woman’s car, demanding she buy him beer and asking for a ride. The woman refused, but before she could lock her doors, Coleman forced his way inside and threatened to kill her if she didn’t drive away. The woman managed to pull alongside the gas stations’ drive-through window and screamed for help. A clerk heard Coleman shout, “Drive (expletive), or I’ll kill you.”

The clerk darted outside and tried to pull Coleman from his seat. Coleman threatened to kill the employee, too, then ran off on foot.

Officers found Coleman standing in a parking lot in the 1200 block of W. Perkins Ave. He repeated several times “I just needed a ride. I was just trying to get a ride.”

Coleman was held at the Erie County jail on $20,000 bond.



Glad no one was hurt and I hope ALL the charges stick instead of a plea deal. Hope they also add inducing panic to the charges for this "wonderful human being."


Too bad he didn't get in a car with a CCW holder. This story could have a different ending. These punks will learn one of these days.

Food For Thought

And my father-in-law doesn't understand why I carry everywhere I go...

sandtown born a...

Wow how sad he screwed up real bad, all because he can't handle the juice, so much for his high paying city job! stupid is as stupid does!


...Where does it say that he had a high paying city job?


Man, what is up with all these violent white guys in Sandusky...? I digress.


Wife beater tee, I see lots of problems down the road w/ this guy, Always lock your car doors.