Eyeglass store employees see theft

Two unidentified women made off with several pairs of eyeglass frames Thursday afternoon from a Hayes Avenue eye center.
Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 26, 2013


At about 3 p.m., an employee of Parschauer Eye Center dialed police after her run-in with the two suspects, according to a Perkins police report.

The employee said two women and a small child entered the store that afternoon, and one of the women asked for a worker to verify her insurance information, the report said. Meanwhile, the woman’s friend began perusing the frame racks, allegedly placing a handful in her purse.

Another employee alerted the manager, who confronted the suspected thief. The woman pulled a red Coach glasses frame from her purse, but then took off on foot.

Her friend then grabbed the child and left, although she returned a while later and handed over another Coach frame, also providing the store manager her friend’s name.

No arrests have been made.



What I see is the Register's attempt at 'clever' headlines, the dumbing down of the amount of readable news and a paper filled with pictures, advertising and always more sports. Who needs glasses with or without lenses?


maybe they sell the frames on craigslist or ebay or maybe they just wanted some new designer frames. lots of people need glasses and while this was a clever headline, it sort of makes the eyeglass store employees seem stupid. I find it odd though that the woman returned to the store and provided her friend's name.


I don't know what they would have been doing with the frames but I do know it's cheaper to buy glasses if you already have frames and all you have to buy is the lenses. Maybe that's what they were going to do since the one asked to verify insurance, but I agree with Unassumer that it does seem odd that the one woman came back and gave the other's name.


If the one woman was actually there to get her insurance verified, then the store had her name. I would turn my "friend" in too, for doing something like that to me.